Best Hospitals in Turkey

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Best Hospitals in Turkey

Best Hospitals in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey

  • Turkey is especially celebrated by travellers globally as one of the best tourist spots in the world. 
  • It is known for its white sandy beaches, blue seas and luxurious palaces.
  • From this, Turkey has now moved into the field of medical tourism to establish itself as a mega giant in that field too.
  • Turkey is now among the five world leaders of medical tourism.
  • According to the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association, over the past ten years, the number of people travelling to turkey for medical treatment has risen exponentially from a measly 75,000 to more than 700,000.
  • Faced with the mounting healthcare costs in countries like Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, Europe, etc., patients are travelling to this Eurasian country as a mecca of medicine due to its advanced state of the art hospitals, high standard of medicine and the experienced doctors.
  • Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industries, estimated to be worth around 4 billion dollars.
  • This is in part due to low cost of the treatment and shorter waiting times, but the biggest contributing factor is the Turkish government, which has made policies to provide health tourism to foreign patients at even cheaper rates.
  • Medical tourism has now become the central focus of Turkey's tourism ministry.
  • In addition to providing benefits to the patients, the Turkish Health Ministry is also providing incentives to private healthcare institutions for their initiatives in propagating medical tourism.

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What are the benefits of medical tourism in Turkey to the patient?

Some of the benefits of medical tourism are:


  • Cost- effectiveness and affordability of medical treatment
  • Well trained, knowledgeable and expert physicians in foreign countries
  • Almost no waiting time period
  • Travel opportunity for relaxation
  • Privacy of the patient
  • High quality healthcare

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What are the benefits of medical tourism to the country?

Incorporating medical tourism to a country’s tourism agenda has several benefits like:


  • It provides an economic boost to not only the big cities, but even the smaller regions where traditional medicine is practised.
  • It helps increase business opportunities and local employment, even indirectly.
  • It helps the hospitals, hotels, restaurants, taxi services, etc in a given area.
  • It helps in the economic growth and development of the country.
  • It improves the tourism activity.

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What is the USP of Turkey in the field of Medical tourism?

Factors in the favour of Turkey are:-


  • Well-equipped JCI accredited hospital filled with experienced expert professionals.
  • High levels of accomplishment for healthcare treatment
  • Patients can choose their surgery time at their own preference.
  • Turkey’s natural tourism destinations

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List of the best hospitals in Turkey

Some of the best Hospitals in Turkey are:-

Acibadem Healthcare Group

  • Acibadem began as a small hospital in the late 1990s, and started building on its brand from there.
  • It signed a partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012 to propagate its medical tourism agenda. 
  • Globally, Acibadem healthcare group consists of 21 hospitals, 13 outpatient clinics and supporting service companies.
  • It started expanding its foot globally in 2011 in Macedonia with the Acibadem Sistina Hospital. 
  • Following this, It established itself in Bulgaria in 2016 and then in Amsterdam. 
  • Acibadem prides itself for its special integrated healthcare ecosystem, comprising the hospitals, supporting companies and a university. 
  • Every hospital under the umbrella of the Acibadem group is built according to international JCI standards with experts in every field.
  • In all there are 11 cancer centres, 16 Heartcare centres, 13 IVF centres, 10 organ transplantation centres, 9 spine centres, 6 robotic surgery centres and 1 FIFA accredited sports surgery centre under the Acibadem Healthcare canopy. 
  • For the convenience of international patients, all Acibadem hospitals are designed to be one- stop solutions for all its patients, supporting them from day one of their admission till their return to their home country.
  • Some of the most popular hospitals of the Acibadem group are- 

KOC University Hospital

  • KOC University Hospital is non- non-profit hospital under the Vehbi Koç Charitable Foundation, one of Turkey’s largest fortune 500 companies.
  • The VKV Charitable foundation has, for the development of the basic healthcare, education and culture in Turkey, developed the VKV Nursing Fund, Project Support/Healthcare, etc.
  • It has set new standards of excellence in the fields of philanthropy.
  • The KOC University Hospital started in 2014.
  • Despite the relatively short history of this hospital, it is one of the most prestigious and renowned institutions in Turkey. 
  • KOC University Hospital is a well-equipped hospital with 404 single inpatient rooms and 73 Intensive Care Units, 13 operating rooms, and 14 intervention rooms, each built according to rigorous national and international standards.
  • It has an International Patient Services Department to ensure that people coming to the hospital, especially from foreign nations are not inconvenienced in any regard.
  • From the inception of the communication between the patient and the hospital, this department starts supporting the patient.
  • The patient is picked up from the hospital by the hospital, with a translator, if needed.
  • Then they escort the patient to the hospital and make sure he/ she is admitted safely.
  • The hospital follows a transparent and reliable patient care system by combining value oriented outlooks with innovative treatment techniques.
  • The KOC hospital has been the pioneer of medical knowledge in Turkey since its inception, from introduction of post-surgery rehabilitation in 1945 to Turkey’s first renal dialysis unit in 1966, Turkey’s first non-surgical aortic valve replacement in 2009 and Turkey’s first robotic thoracic surgery in 2010. 
  • The hospital is also equipped with a heliport for incoming helicopters.

American Hospital, Istanbul

  • American Hospital was founded in Çar??kap? Avenue 1920 in by Admiral Mark L. Bristol as the first non-profit private hospital in Turkey with 45 beds and 3 operating rooms.
  • Later, it moved to Ni?anta?? to keep up with the increased influx of patients.
  • The hospital is supported by the Vehbi Koç Foundation, which has always supported the hospital since its establishment. 
  • Currently, the hospital has a total of 278 patient suites, including 58 rooms reserved for intensive care patients, 62 intensive care beds and 12 operating rooms.
  • Annually, more than 220000 patients are treated here.
  • It is one of the leading cornerstones of the Turkish health sector because of its rich history and unmatched patient care records. 
  • Each healthcare facility under the group is medically and administratively independent, following their own rules and regulations to allow them to function as distinctively and suitably as possible.
  • The American Hospital strives to offer the most advanced medical treatment in an ethical and safe environment to all its patients.
  • It has maintained its standing as a leader in the health sector by constantly improving upon itself, to achieve higher quality standards that serves the purpose of motivating its already excellent staff to further better themselves. 
  • The hospital values patient safety, their care, comfort and treatment above all else.
  • Each treatment procedure is carried out according to the highest codes of conduct and patients are allowed to review their treatment standards in the spirit of full transparency and reliability.

Medical Park Hospital

  • The Medical Park Hospital was established in 1993 as the flagship of MLP Care Healthcare Group- Turkey’s largest private hospital group, comprising 25 hospitals, 200 operating theatres and 5200 beds. 
  • The hospital still remains in the forefront of the group and the Turkish health sector by continuing its growth in all sectors.
  • It has ranked 1st three times as the organ transplant hospital of the country.
  • The MLP group is run by the initiative of the principle ‘Healthcare for All’, providing medical assistance to all patients irrespective of their socio- economic standards.
  • It monitors the latest trends and advancements in medicine carefully to incorporate them in its treatment methods.
  • Its hospitals support innovation and research practices to continually improve the standard of healthcare. 
  • Medical Park Hospitals are all run by a patient- oriented multi-disciplinary approach to provide high quality diagnostic and treatment services to all patients.
  • Due to its continuous improvement in patient care standards, ease of access and experience, the influx of patients in the hospitals increases in ten-folds every year. 
  • The hospital also carries out social projects to increase the standard of healthcare in lower strata of the society.
  • It is affiliated with different institutions, universities, etc. with the aim of educating and training qualified medical doctors to maximise the quality of healthcare services and achieving new heights in the field of medicine.

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