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Best Hospitals in Tunisia

Medical treatment in Tunisia

  • As a Mediterranean nation, Tunisia is located in close proximity to many different European and Arab markets.
  • Tourism is one of the most important industries in Tunisian, contributing to almost half of its GDP.
  • It is a very popular location among Europeans seeking cosmetic surgeries, or other elective procedures such as gastric bypass, knee or hip replacement, etc. especially from France as Tunisia is much more affordable and accessible than France.
  • Along with this, neighbouring countries such as Libya, Algeria, etc. provide a rich market of patients willing to travel for medical treatment.
  • These countries are not as well developed or advanced as Tunisia, especially when it comes to the medical industry. 

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Why is Tunisia a good destination for medical treatment?

  • Surrounded by countries such as Libya, Algeria and Europe in close proximity, Tunisia is one of the most medically and technologically advanced countries in the Arab Maghreb region.
  • Along with this, Tunisia has recently also increased its ties to the Gulf region to explore the ripe market for medical tourists in that region.
  • Tunisia is able to do so on the backbone of its extremely well trained and experienced medical practitioners.
  • Tunisia has continued to boast of some of the best, infrastructure and technology- wise, hospitals in the world. 
  • Tunisian hospitals are on par with international hospitals, when it comes to their treatment and safety standards.
  • The medical practitioners in the country have to undergo rigorous training before they can start treating patients.
  • On top of this, Tunisia has built its medical tourism industry on the back of its rich cultural heritage and its abundant tourism resources.
  • A large border of Tunisia is sea facing and as such there is no shortage of beaches in the country.
  • Patients can come to the resorts, spas, beaches, etc. and relax and enjoy the country without any problem and get their treatment simultaneously.
  • The added bonus of a good holiday and rest makes the treatment process even easier for the patient to bear and is one of the biggest reasons why Tunisia boasts of a high success rate in treatment for foreign medical patients.

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What is the cost of medical treatment in Tunisia?

  • Although getting world class treatment in the comfort of one’s home sounds like a dream come true, it is often difficult to achieve it, particularly due to the high costs of treatment in countries such as the UK, USA, etc.
  • Even among countries that are known for medical travellers such as Egypt, India, Turkey, etc. Tunisia stands out as one of the most affordable places to receive medical treatment.
  • This is partially because Tunisian Dinar is much weaker compared to other currencies such as Euros, USD, Pounds, etc.
  • Along with that, patients are given big discounts by hospitals, especially medical tourists, even more so if they are attached with a medical tourism company such as Mespoir.
  • Now, a lot of people may think that the low cost of treatment is an indicator towards poor healthcare quality in the country but nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Tunisian hospitals are built with extreme care so that they can compete with some of the best hospitals in the world.
  • Their infrastructure is designed to make the treatment process easier on the patient and all technologies are updated regularly as new advancements are launched in the medical field.

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Which are the best hospitals in Tunisia?

Some of the best hospitals in Tunisia are:-

1. Clinique Taoufik

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

  • The Clinique Taoufik, El Menza was inaugurated in 2014 under the umbrella of the Taoufik Hospitals Group (THG), a healthcare service that handles all types of medical and surgical patients.
  • It was originally, tertiary care center in Africa, pioneering in different surgical specialties like neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, etc. in 1979, before its migration to Tunisia.
  • The hospital has all but received certification from Joint Commission International (JCI) after obtaining ISO 9001 version 2015 certification.
  • The center is especially renowned for its excellent results in Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgery, particularly, obesity and bariatric surgery procedures.
  • Due to its track record of extremely successful surgeries, the hospital is very popular among both local and foreign patients.
  • Apart from cosmetic surgeries, the hospital also has a very reliable oncology department, equipped with many different chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oncosurgery equipment and technologies.
  • The hospital has a very well equipped imaging department, with modern technologies like Medical Imaging equipment, a pulsed and continuous wave Lasers, and Echo-endoscope that allows them to receive quicker, better and more accurate diagnoses for patients.
  • Its state of the art operating theatre is complemented by its hardworking, well trained and well experienced staff, every member of which strives to provide the best possible care for all patients, day and night.
  • The staff members are encouraged to keep enhancing and increasing their knowledge and training by incorporating the latest technologies in their treatment methodologies to ensure the best possible care for all patients.
  • The hospital is open 24*7 to deal with any medical emergency that a patient may have.
  • The clinic is very easily accessible, as it is located a stone’s throw away from both, the city of Tunis and the Tunis-Carthage International Airport, which is one of the biggest draws of this clinic.
  • It is also located in close proximity to banks, inter-continental, cafes, tourist spots and beaches.

2. Clinique Montplaisir

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

  • Clinique Montplaisir is one of the most renowned clinics for cosmetic surgeries in Tunisia.
  • The clinic has been certified by the 9001/2008 Bureau Veritas Certification.
  • The clinic provides a wide range of cosmetic and elective procedures, ranging from breast surgeries, silhouette surgeries, and intimate surgeries to face surgeries.
  • As the clinic is not too old, its infrastructure and equipment are in accordance with the modern aesthetics and are designed to make the treatment process easier for both patients and surgeons.
  • The clinic has a stellar imaging department, equipped with an MRI room, an operating microscope and a scanner/imaging room.
  • All wards in the clinic are built to maximize the patient comfort and are fully furnished with all amenities.
  • The clinic has a variety of wards such as comfort rooms, economy rooms, VIP rooms, resuscitation rooms and an emergency department. All wards are hygienic, well-lit, and comfortable.
  • The hospital premises are almost an arm’s length away from the Tunis-Carthage International Airport, with plenty of reliable and essential hotels nearby.

3. El Manar Polyclinique

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

  • El Manar Clinic, Tunis is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in Tunisia for medical and surgical treatment, located in the heart of the El Manar district.
  • The clinic was established in the year 1990 and has a rich experience of over 30 years that has guided its journey to provide the best possible care to all its patients.
  • The clinic has made all arrangements and has all but received accreditation to improve its quality and safety of care after achieving an ISO 9001 certification.
  • The El Manar Clinic has been recognized and commended for its support towards the CNAM National Health Insurance Fund multiple times.
  • The healthcare team of El Manar Polyclinic has given as much importance to hygiene and safety measures as it has to its treatment departments.
  • The clinic administration has taken many steps to improve the hygiene standards of the clinic and to help it withstand nosocomial infections such as CLIN monitors, sanitary gowns for all visitors, etc.
  • The hospital is especially popular among foreign tourists due to various amenities provided here such as translators, transport, with airport pickup and drop-off, accommodation services, etc. 
  • Most of the staff is multilingual and trained in languages like English, French, Italian, Arabic, etc. while translators are readily available for the rest. 
  • El Manar prides itself on its talented and experienced staff, doctors, surgeons and nurses alike, all of whom update themselves with each new advancement in the medical field to ensure that they are the best in their fields.
  • The clinic provides treatment for all sorts of specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgeries, etc.
  • All rooms in the hospital are fully furnished with all the amenities that may be required by the patient to maximise their comfort.
  • Patient diets are provided after consultation with a nutritionist to positively affect and complement their treatment process.
  • The hospital is very close to the Tunis Carthage Airport and easily accessible via taxis, shuttles and metro rails.
  • It is just 15 minutes away from the city, its multiple tourist spots and beaches.

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  • In conclusion, medical tourism in Tunisia is on the rise.
  • The country has a lot to offer tourists, including a variety of medical facilities and treatments. 
  • Tunisia is a safe and welcoming country, and its medical tourism industry is growing.
  • Some other famous hospitals in Tunisia are: Clinique Avicenne, Tunis, Clinique de la Soukra, Tunis, Clinique De L`espoir, Hannibal International Clinic, Tunis, etc.

Although Tunisia is a pretty much perfect place for medical treatment, it can still be very daunting to travel there for medical treatment.

We, at Mespoir can help with this problem. When a patient shows interest in receiving medical treatment, Mespoir acts as an intersection between the hospital and the patient, smoothing out the conversation. A Mespoir representative remains in contact with the patient from the moment they arrive in Tunisia till their treatment is completed. From pickup to transport to accommodation, Mespoir takes care of all aspects of the patient’s journey. Patient satisfaction is the biggest achievement for all Mespoir team members. For more details, contact us at: or +91 8882202803

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