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Bantayehu Jifara

Dr. Bantayehu Jifara

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Specialization - Internal Medicine



  • Dr. Bantayehu Jifara is a highly skilled and experienced doctor who has dedicated his life to helping others.
  • Dr. Bantayehu is a renowned and very skilled general practitioner in the Ethiopian medical sector.
  • Dr. Jifara currently works as a General practitioner. 
  • He has worked in various settings,...

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Salhadin Mohammed Jemal

Dr. Salhadin Mohammed Jemal

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Specialization - Neurology

  • Dr. Salhadin Mohammed Jemal is an accomplished neurologist in Ethiopia, and is known for his contributions to the field of neurology.
  • He currently works as an Assistant Professor of Neurology and medical doctor. 
  • Dr. Jemal is a dedicated and hardworking doctor who always gives his best in every field and strives to learn in detail about neurology. 
  • ...

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Biruk Gebregziabiher

Dr. Biruk Gebregziabiher

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Specialization - Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

  • Dr. Biruk Gebregziabiher is a highly skilled physiotherapist from Ethiopia who has dedicated his life to helping people recover from physical injuries and disabilities. 
  • He currently works as a primary contact of EPTA to the world confederation of physiotherapy. He is also employed as a Lecturer and doctor of Physiotherapy at St Pauls’ hospital millennium medical c...

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