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About Mespoir


We are a medical tourism company that provides patients with a tool to connect with world-renowned doctors and hospitals to obtain medical treatment at discounted prices. We provide all the necessary services to meet the medical requirements of a patient - from searching for the top hospitals and doctors in the most medically advanced countries across the globe, to comparing, reviewing, and making the appointment - we’ve got it all covered.

Our app serves as a platform that provides assistance to patients with their medical questions and presents them with the most lucrative treatment options affordable globally with the highest level of quality health care.

We pride ourselves in our quick replies and timely access to healthcare while maintaining complete privacy of our process to establish long-lasting relationships based on trust and understanding with our patients from all over the world and offer a safe, affordable, convenient way for patients to receive treatment around the world.

We also provide assistance saving on treatment and travel by up to 40% alongside end-to-end care, hassle-free bookings, airport pickups, and translation service. Our mission is to make your tedious medical journey as seamless as possible. 

To achieve the vision of providing a personalized healthcare experience, we offer medical consultations by the most experienced doctors from the field. We also initiate your medical travel plans which we try to make as budget-friendly as possible. 

To help make the most knowledgeable decision about which hospital or doctor to get treatment from, we provide the data bank consisting of all the information and statistics you might need about hospitals, doctors, and medical procedures to come to an informed conclusion. 

Mespoir healthcare provides around-the-clock healthcare experience at the most reputed hospitals across countries like Turkey, Spain, the USA, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, India, and many more. Our hospitals and doctors specialize in numerous specialties ranging from Oncology, Neurology, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, Urology, nephrology, pediatrics, IVF, cosmetic surgery, stem cell therapy, and much more.