Acibadem Hospitals Group in Turkey

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Acibadem Hospitals Group in Turkey

Acibadem Hospitals Group in Turkey

What is Acibadem Healthcare group?

  • Acibadem Healthcare Group is one of the most eminent names on the horizon of medical services.
  • It is based in Turkey and is the world’s second largest healthcare chain with a joint partnership with IHH healthcare.
  • It has to its name several hospitals, medical centres, outpatient clinics and in-house labs namely Labmed, Labvital and LabCell.
  • The group runs its institutions under partnership with Istanbul International Hospital (IIH) and International Etiller outpatient clinic.
  • Acibadem laid its roots back in 1991, with the establishment of its first medical centre.
  • Over an approximate span of a decade it grew to 11 centres which had received accreditation by international ICI.
  • This speaks not only volumes of the strict adherence to quality standards but also the same being practised on a consistent basis and maintained at Acibadem centres.

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Growth of Acibadem Healthcare Group

  • With the passage of time, Acibadem has now bloomed to a total of 22 hospitals and 19 outpatient clinics in five countries namely - Turkey, Bulgaria, Holland, Macedonia and northern Iraq.
  • As of current standing, Acibadem Healthcare Group holds to its name an accreditation by Joint Commission international (JCI)
  • Its in-house lab, Labmed, has been certified with ISO 15189 medical laboratory accreditation.
  • The team at Acibadem comprises over 3500 doctors and 4000 nurses.

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Innovation by Acibadem Healthcare Group

  • LabCell and Labvital, other laboratory ventures of Acibadem together provide pathological testing services along with STEM cell preservation and cord blood bank services etc.
  • To encourage and promote research and advancement in medical practices Acibadem runs its own university.
  • To keep pace with upcoming upgradation in supporting healthcare services, Acibadem came up with APlus which aims to monitor hygiene standards in their hospitals.
  • Acibadem also extends beyond their hospital premises as Acibadem Mobil which is a provider for services needed in emergencies and as a part of home care.
  • It is a centre for young and budding medical professionals and it also imparts training to senior level professionals.

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Where are the various centres of Acibadem healthcare group located?

Acibadem healthcare group possesses many hospitals in Turkey. The list includes:


  • Acibadem International Hospital
  • Altunizade Hospitals
  • Atakent Hospital 
  • Bakirkoy Hospital 
  • Fulya Hospital 
  • Kozyatagi Hospital 
  • Maslak Hospital
  • Ankare Hospital
  • Bodrum Hospital & Bodrum outpatient clinic 
  • Bursa hospital
  • Kayseri hospital


Acibadem International Hospital


  • It is a multispecialty with a bed capacity of 122 beds including 26 beds for intensive care patients and 12 for observation purposes.
  • The hospital is well equipped with all state of art facilities and caters to a mighty number of patients suffering from varied diseases and disorders.
  • The widespread spectrum of services includes gynaecological and obstetrics along with IVF facilities, general surgical procedures involving thorax, cardiovascular surgeries, neurosurgeries and endocrine surgeries. Kidney transplants are also taken up at the hospital.
  • Hair transplants and cosmetic corrections along with reconstructive surgeries are also performed.
  • Paediatric care is given much importance, paediatric cancers and blood disorders are treated at the hospital.
  • Nephrology and neurology have specifically oriented departments. Among other concerns addressed include diabetes and varicose veins management. The hospital has a neonatal intensive care unit too.
  • Intensive care units accommodate patients needing general intensive care, neonatal patients, and open cardiac surgery patients. Post coronary angiography patients and those needing emergency monitoring are also accommodated in intensive care units.
  • Special instructions for patients:
    • Only a single companion is allowed with a patient stationed in the hospital, beyond visiting hours.
    • To minimise infections and risks of contamination, no flowers are permitted in patient rooms and floors accommodating patients.
    • There are two categories of rooms available on the basis of services offered:
      • Standard rooms: possessing a mini fridge, TV, internet, newspaper and a safe facility.
      • Suite: comprising a sofa, a mini bar,TV , newspaper and safe facility.


Altunizade Hospital


  • It was Acibadem healthcare group’s first private hospital with the largest indoor area.
  • It has a hybrid operations room allowing three diagnostic units to work at the same time.
  • It has a bed capacity of 550 beds with 75 beds reserved for those needing intensive care.
  • It has a specifically dedicated department of oncology.
  • Among the various newer diagnostic and treatment specific tools available are True bean, Tomo therapy 4 DA , MRI 3 Tesla, Force CT, MRI prism 3 Tesla, robotic angiography, gamma knife, Da Vinci surgical system.
  • It has been regarded as one of the best Turkish hospitals for Bone marrow transplant, obesity treatment and backbone and breast related disease and disorder treatment.


Atakent Hospital


  • It was established in 2014.
  • It is a multispecialty centre and allows best in class comfort in the form of luxurious homes to allow a comfortable and convenient experience for the patient and their kins.
  • It has a bed capacity of 278 beds.


Taskim Hospital


  • It is a centre offering multidisciplinary services.
  • It is equipped with modern diagnostic tools such as 3 Tesla MRI, full body MRI and 3 D digital mammography.
  • It offers neurosurgical, general surgical, gynaecological, ophthalmologic (eye related), urological (kidney related), orthopaedic, cosmetic surgery and ENT treatments.


Kadikoy Acibadem Medical centre


  • The hospital primarily renders services pertaining to emergency care, cardiovascular operations, radiation and medical oncology.
  • It is a 138 bedded centre and has 23 emergency departments.
  • The centre has several advanced technological features such as a smart building management system and 4D ultrasonographic assessment of breast for breast health check-ups, Orthophos XG 3D device, Vinci surgical system and MRI scanning for the entire body.
  • It has one of the best and highly recommended In-vitro fertilization centres.


Bakirkoy Acibadem hospital


  • It was established in the year 2000.
  • It was the first centre of the Acibadem group that was built towards the European end of Istanbul.
  • The hospital houses a Neonatal intensive care unit for providing adequate treatment in high risk and critical care patients.
  • It is a 102 bedded centre with 27 beds reserved for intensive care.
  • Among various world class facilities available are a heliport for immediate transfer of critical cases.
  • It has specially designed delivery rooms.
  • It is equipped with an in-built smart building system.
  • Among the medical facilities available are paediatric and adult cardiology, treatment for obesity, varicose veins and breast health check-ups.
  • For patients and their family stay there are 54 standard rooms, 7 type A suites and 8 type B suites. While A are sea view rooms, B are city view rooms.
  • Due to their rapid and consistent growth, Acibadem has now emerged as the biggest name in the healthcare sector in Bulgaria.


Acibadem Maslak Hospital


  • It is the largest of all the hospitals of the Acibadem group.
  • It has a bed capacity of 364 beds with 36 beds dedicated for intensive care patients and is an integrated medical centre rendering all medical services including IVF procedures and robotic surgeries.
  • It also has clinics oriented for monitoring and diagnosing breast health and heart health. 
  • Additionally there are special clinics to address concerns pertaining to obesity, headaches, diabetes, sexual disorders and sleep disorders.
  • Radiotherapy has been added as a modality for cancer treatment in the hospital.
  • Its prime location allows easy accessibility owing to its proximity to the metro.

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Why prefer Acibadem hospitals?

  • Being a world class medical service provider Acibadem proudly provides best in healthcare facilities to thousands of international patients.
  • It is one of the most desirable destinations for medical and healthcare tourism for patients across the group.
  • To ensure a comfortable and convenient stay Acibadem offers a wide array of services so as to make the patient feel much at home.
  • It has acquired the title of 'Best Hospitals in Turkey'.
  • Acibadem institutions provide the luxury of private rooms with phone and internet access, family accommodation, laundry and dry cleaning facilities.
  • To make it an easy and worry free stay they also have a nursery and nanny services to ensure care for little ones.
  • There is 24*7 personal assistance to cater to each and every need that a patient’s family may have.
  • To allow one to relax in the healthcare ecosystem they also provide spa, beauty and wellness centres.
  • They cater to diet on request, international cuisine and also restaurant services.
  • To rule out any problems due to language incomprehension, translators and interpreters are also available.
  • Parking facilities are also seen after.
  • Most importantly easy medical record transfer, online doctor consultations, rigorous post -operative follow ups ensure an uneventful recovery.
  • Airport pick-ups, air ambulance services, car hire and private driver minimize a lot of hassle in view of a medical tourist.
  • Local tourism allows one to mentally and emotionally recover from the stress and in turn also boosts to inculcate positivity needed to overcome any disease or disorder.

The benefits of medical tourism at Acibadem centres make it a one stop destination for medical tourists from all over the globe. In case you want to start your healthcare journey at Acibadem Hospitals Group in Turkey, connect with us at Mespoir for a seamless and wonderful experience. Contact at: or +91 8882202803


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