Best Cancer Hospitals in Turkey

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Best Cancer Hospitals in Turkey

Best Cancer Hospitals in Turkey

What is Cancer?

  • Oncology is the study of cancer.
  • It is the branch of medicine dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 
  • Cancer is a disease that wrecks our bodies from inside out.
  • It occurs due to uncontrolled division of mutated body cells.
  • These mutated cells then invade other healthier parts of the body and destroy them too.
  • It can occur in any part of the body, from skin to lungs, kidney, mouth, etc.
  • It is one of the five leading causes of death all over the world.
  • The major cause for this is that the most deadly cancers receive the least amount of attention from us.
  • Their symptoms are mostly internal like headache, vertigo, breathlessness, body pain, etc.
  • By the time a patient consults a physician, it is almost always too late.

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What is the process of oncology treatment?

  • The goal of cancer treatment is to kill these mutated cells and stop them from dispersing further in the body.
  • But in some cases, the cancer has spread so widely into the body, that it becomes impossible to separate them from healthy cells.
  • In these cases, the cancer becomes incurable.
  • Cancer treatment is done in three stages primary, adjuvant and palliative:
    • Primary cancer treatment aims at killing all the cancer cells and removing cancer from the body. 
    • Adjuvant treatment is done to kill any remaining cancer cells left after the primary treatment. 
    • Palliative treatment is provided to relieve any pain or distress caused by the previous treatment or the cancer itself.
  • Different treatment modalities of cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplant, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted drug therapy, cryoablation and radio frequency ablation.
  • Given its mortality rate, multiple clinical trials are being performed to find newer more effective treatments for all cancers.
  • In case, a patient is suspected to have cancer, the patient is advised to undergo different types of imaging such as CT, MRI, PET scans, etc. to stage the cancer and correctly pinpoint the accurate diagnosis.
  • Once a diagnosis has been reached, the oncologist, patient and surgeon work together to formulate a treatment plan that would give the patient their best chance.

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Why is Turkey a great destination for medical tourism?

  • In Turkey, patients can avail treatment in world class internationally acclaimed and accredited hospitals.
  • It is home to some of the best trained medical practitioners in the world.
  • The doctors and surgeons are highly knowledgeable and talented medical experts.
  • These hospitals also boast of high success rates, with affordable and cost effective healthcare facilities.
  • Along with this, Turkey is a beautiful country with many different tourist spots to help the patient rest and relax during the course of their treatment.

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Which are some of the best Cancer treatment hospitals in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the five biggest medical tourism destinations of the world. Some of the best oncology hospitals in Turkey are:-

1. Anadolu Medical Centre

Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey

  • Since the time of its inception in 2010, Anadolu Medical Center has been working tirelessly to provide healthcare of the best standards to all its patients.
  • The foundation is responsible for building over 40 facilities all over Turkey, including hospitals, medical centres, schools, etc.
  • It works in cooperation with the John Hopkins Medicine to improve the quality of education and treatment in all its centres nationwide, including incorporation of newer research techniques in its repertoire such as oncology treatments, internal medicine, surgical sciences etc.
  • The hospital has been certified by ISO, OHSAS, JCI and ESMO.
  • It is reputed to be among the best hospitals all over the world.
  • Its goal is to become the best medical center in the world and the reference point for all other hospitals.
  • The oncology department at Anadolu Medical Centre is equipped with the latest technology and state of the art equipment, run by some of the most experienced and talented doctors in the world, capable of providing the best treatment to patients.
  • It uses techniques like nuclear medicine and advanced imaging for diagnosis, has different oncology departments like neuro-oncology and uro-oncology departments etc with specialists in cancer management, and uses advanced treatment techniques like cyber knife, Radixact, EDGE, PET/ CT etc.
  • Patient care is the cornerstone of Anadolu Medical Centre and is considered to be the most important part of it.
  • For international patients who can’t speak Turkish, translators are provided from the start of the treatment, so that patients don’t suffer needlessly and can effectively communicate with their doctors and other staff.

2. LIV Hospital

Ulus, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Liv Hospitals Group is one of the most well-renowned and advanced hospitals in Turkey.
  • Liv Medical centre in Ulus is particularly considered to be the cornerstone of the group.
  • It was established in the year 2013, and has since then become one of the leading healthcare service providers in Turkey.
  • It has been accredited by JCI and TUV for provision of the best tertiary care for all patients.
  • The hospital has been equipped with state of the art advanced medical technology helping provide best healthcare across its 154 bed, 8 operation theatres and 50 medical clinic-wide area. 
  • It is well equipped to provide treatment to patients with all forms of difficulties across all the major and minor health specialties.
  • There are a total of 11 oncology clinics under the Liv hospitals group, specializing in different areas of cancer treatment ranging from uro-oncology, gynae-oncology, etc.
  • The hospital provides a personalized treatment plan tailor-made to each patient that depends entirely on their diagnosis.
  • After the diagnosis, all the specialists required for the treatment confer to decide on the best treatment plan and then implement it.
  • The hospital especially has a foreign patient department to make it easier for the foreign patients to get treatment at any of its facilities.
  • Each patient is taken special care of from the moment they arrive till their treatment is completed.

3. Memorial Sisli Hospital

?i?li/?stanbul, Turkey

  • Memorial Sisli Hospital was the flagship of the Memorial Memorial Healthcare Investments Corporation.
  • It became functional in the year 2000. It is regarded as one of the most sought after hospitals in the world specializing in areas such as cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, oncology, etc.
  • Memorial Hospital follows a multidisciplinary approach towards cancer treatment.
  • Advanced imaging techniques are used to accurately diagnose the cancer to plan a personalized treatment plan for the patient and a combination of appropriate medical, radiographic and surgical techniques are used to treat the cancer.
  • It has advanced medical equipment capable of treating the patient with minimal discomfort, including the TrueBeam STx, which can perform both radiotherapy and radiosurgery effectively, gamma knife to irradiate skull cancers, cyber knife, etc.
  • Its staff is composed of some of the most advanced and talented medical surgeons and doctors in the world, working hard day and night to provide the best level of healthcare to all patients.
  • Not only this, the hospital also takes special considerations for all the patient families staying at the hospital.

4. Medicana Konya Hospital

Selçuklu/Konya, Turkey

  • Medicana Konya Hospital, under the umbrella of the Medicana Hospitals Group, is one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare centres in Turkey.
  • It is well known all over the world for its eminent doctors, state of the art equipment and excellent results in patient care.
  • It offers cutting edge treatment to all its patients using the most advanced equipment to minimize the chances of any complication within the treatment.
  • It is among the forerunners of medical tourism within Turkey. Its affiliation with School of Medicine KTO, Karatay University, since 2015, has allowed it to support and provide medical education, research, and practice to medical students. Its staff is composed of some of the most eminent and experienced surgeons, doctors, paramedical staff, etc., all working to their best to give its patients the best possible care.
  • Medicana Konya has the bed capacity of 108 beds, with a 39- bed general intensive care unit, a 7- bed cardiovascular surgery care unit, a 9- bed intensive care unit, a 29- bed NICU, and 39 observation beds.
  • Medicana Konya Hospital strives to give the patient the best quality healthcare, with special considerations for their well- being, comfort, safety and privacy.
  • Their biggest concern is to minimize the patient discomfort and enhance the healthcare experience as a whole.
  • The hospital has both general wards for people of lower economic standing and high class suites for VIPs.
  • The hospital is well connected to the city and can be easily reached by any mode of transport, whether it be car, bus or train.
  • The hospital is also equipped with a car park with a valet service, a 24- hour cafeteria with room service and a place of worship for the perusal of patient relatives.
  • The infrastructure of the hospital is designed following the JCI criteria, incorporating the latest medical technology and equipment, advanced imaging units and nuclear medicine applications.

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How should a patient choose a hospital for cancer treatment?

  • Cancer is a very scary disease. As such even hearing its name may seem like a death sentence to many people.
  • But there is no need to panic anymore. The Mespoir team has made it a mission to help patients all over the world with their medical woes.
  • Through Mespoir, a patient can make arrangements for treatment at some of the best hospitals in Turkey.
  • A patient can, with the help of Mespoir, gain access to treatment from world class doctors, surgeons and hospitals from wherever they want.
  • They can look through genuine reviews from past patients to determine whether their choice is a perfect fit for them or not.
  • Along with reviews, the patient should also check the doctor’s knowledge and expertise so that they can rest assured that the doctor will be able to handle any medical emergency or complication that may occur with them.
  • For more details, contact at: or +91 8882202803

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