Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

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Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

What is the importance of kidneys in our body?

  • Kidneys are bean- shaped organs located on either side of the spine, below the ribs and behind the belly.
  • Kidneys are the organs of our body responsible for the filtration of the blood.
  • They are responsible for waste removal, and the removal of excess salt, water, electrolytes, etc. from the blood.
  • It is made up of almost a million cell units called nephrons.

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Kidney transplant and what are the indications of a kidney problem?

  • A person only needs one functioning kidney to survive.
  • But when both of someone’s kidneys fail, they need a kidney transplant to survive.
  • When a person donates one of their kidneys, the other one compensates for it, and enlarges by a little to fulfil the extra workload on it.
  • This happens in both the donor and the receiver, thus they can both live with only one kidney.
  • Depending on the patient’s overall health, lifestyle and any other medical conditions they may have, kidney donations from live donors may last 12-13 years, while those from deceased donors last 8-10 years. 
  • Some diseases that affect kidney functions are pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), nephrotic syndrome, ESRD, renal failure, etc.
  • These diseases affect the blood flow within kidneys. If nephrons don’t receive enough blood supply, they start to die.
  • If enough nephrons die, kidney function is affected and leads to renal failure. 

Symptoms of kidney dysfunction are:-

  • Increased urination
  • Foamy, bloody, discoloured or brown pee
  • Pain during peeing
  • Swelling of body parts, mostly the arms, wrists, legs, ankles, face, abdomen
  • Restlessness of legs during sleep
  • Joint pain
  • Bone pain
  • Pain in the mid- back or the kidney area
  • Tired body

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Why is Turkey considered to be a prominent destination for kidney transplant patients?

Kidney transplant in Turkey is beneficial because medical tourism is a big part of the regular economy of Turkey as such a lot of provisions are made for medical tourists such as:

  • Turkey is host to multiple internationally accredited hospitals with international healthcare standards and cutting edge technology
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced doctors that are expert in dealing with all sorts of medical challenges
  • Low cost affordable healthcare
  • Almost no waiting period
  • Success rate of almost 99% successful kidney transplants, even in diabetic patients
  • Expensive transplant procedures in home country
  • Low standard of healthcare in home country
  • Inability to find a donor in home country

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Which factors should a patient consider before going abroad for a kidney transplant?

Factors to be considered are:

  • Healthcare standards of the country
  • Past records of the patients of a given hospital
  • Patient testimonials 
  • Doctor testimonies

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What are the best kidney transplant hospitals in Turkey?

Some of the best kidney transplant hospitals in Turkey are:

Liv Hospital Ulus, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Liv hospital Ulus, established in the year 2013, comes under the umbrella of the Liv Hospital Chain, one of the leading healthcare service providers in Turkey.
  • It is a JCI and TUV accredited hospital in provision of excellent tertiary care for all its patients.
  • The hospital is equipped with the latest technology across its 154 bed, 8 operation theatres and 50 clinics that offers a complete range of all health services in major specialties. 
  • The nephrology department is run under the expert guidance of Dr. Tekin Akpolat.
  • He is a highly educated and experienced nephrologist, researcher and author of several books and publication articles in both national and international journals, on kidney diseases and their management, for the perusal of the general public, teachers, students, etc.
  • The rest of the medical staff is also equipped with knowledge to deal with all sorts of medical challenges such as robotic surgery, cancer care, organ transplantation, etc. 

Medicana Konya Hospital

  • Medicana Konya is the largest and most comprehensive private hospital in Anatolia.
  • It is renowned all over the world that offers all of its patients advanced cutting edge healthcare with the most advanced technology.
  • It is at the forefront of medical tourism in the whole country.
  • It is affiliated with School of Medicine KTO, Karatay University, in 2015, to support and provide medical education, research, and practice to medical students.
  • Its staff consists of the most eminent and experienced surgeons, doctors, paramedical staff, etc all working to their best to give its patients the best possible care.
  • Medicana Konya has the bed capacity of 108 beds, with 39 bed general intensive care unit, 7 bed cardiovascular surgery care unit, 9 bed intensive care unit, 29 bed NICU, and 39 observation beds. 
  • It considers the patient’s quality of care, complete wellbeing, comfort, safety and privacy for all its patients to be of the topmost concern.
  • Its rooms can be either regular wards for lower economic people and high class suites.
  • It is well connected to the city, no matter if the patient is travelling by car, bus or train. 
  • Its infrastructure is designed according to the JCI criteria, with the latest technological advancements, advanced imaging units and nuclear medicine applications.
  • Along with this, the hospital has provisions for patient relatives such as a car park with valet service, 24- hour cafeteria with room service and a place of worship. 

IAU VM Medical Park Florya Hospital

  • Istanbul Adyin University VM Medical Park Hospital combines the academic approach of the Adyin University with the principles of Value-added Medicine (VM) to achieve excellence in healthcare by concentrating on a patient-guided approach, experienced staff and technologically advanced infrastructure.
  • Medical Park Florya Hospital was set up by MLP Care Group in March 2017, as a high standard hospital cum university as per JCI regulations.
  • It is one of the most modern and hi-tech hospitals in Turkey.
  • The hospital has over 300 beds, 13 operation theatres and 92 outpatient clinics, providing treatment in all specialties, ranging from cardiology to dermatology, etc. 
  • Medical Park Florya Hospital is one of the foremost authorities advocating for social insurance and propagating human services, innovation and new concepts of healing. 
  • The hospital receives an unrivaled level of patient flow and traffic due to its patient- friendly economic strategies.
  • It is especially renowned for its outstanding treatment in the fields of Gynaecology, oncology, pediatrics and last but not least its organ transplant department. 
  • Package starting from just $15000.

BAU Medical Park Goztepe

  • BAU Medical Park Goztepe was the first hospital in Turkey to be categorized as a cancer hospital.
  • It is a JCI accredited hospital with the motto ‘Health for All’. It has a world class Organ Transplant Centre, Bone Marrow Transplant centre, IVF centre and cancer centre. 
  • Its infrastructure comprises 293 beds, 9 operation theatres and 64 intensive care units.
  • The patient rooms within the hospital are built with the patient's holistic care in mind with maximum exposure to outside nature and sunlight.
  • Its staff is more than 150 doctors and 1000 paramedical employees, each of them expert and experienced in their own right; all working tirelessly to provide the best level of healthcare to all their patients. 
  • It is a JCI accredited facility.
  • The hospital is contracted with numerous insurance companies, both local and worldwide to ensure the patient’s comfort. 

Medipol University Hospital

  • Medipol University Hospital is Turkey’s largest Private Healthcare Hospital that is also engaged in Education services, incorporating general, oncology, cardiovascular and dental hospitals. 
  • Medipol University serves as an example of the perfect infrastructure hospital to hospitals all over the world.
  • It is built according to modern intelligent architecture technology, bearing the most technologically advanced equipment. It is built as per JCI standards. 
  • Medipol University is a big advocate of and has worked hard to promote the quality of life of the community and promote community medicine in Turkey.
  • The hospital has a total bed capacity of 470 beds, out of which 133 are intensive care (General, coronary, CVC, & neonatal) and 25 operation theatres.
  • Each ward in the hospital is equipped with the most advanced technological equipment to provide excellent healthcare to its patients and to ease the work of its eminent staff.
  • The hospital has a large garden area, a multi-storey car park and a 5- star café to enhance the comfort of both the patient’s and their relatives.
  • In accordance with the religious nature of Turkish Culture, the hospital also has a large prayer room. 
  • The hospital is also equipped with a helipad for emergency conditions and a fully online patient record system.

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