Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

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Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

Bone Marrow Transplantation

  • Bone marrow transplantation is one of the most challenging procedures in modern medicine, but it allows patients with hematological and oncological illnesses to be cured.
  • Bone marrow transplantation is a very costly treatment. 
  • It necessitates modern high-tech equipment and significant experience, but even at today's rapid pace of medical advancement, not every medical institution has everything required for a safe and high-quality bone marrow transplant (BMT).
  • In Turkey, 726 adults and 2,630 children received bone marrow transplants in the previous year, with transplants increasing year after year.
  • The cost is half that of facilities in the Middle East and Western Europe. At the same time, the procedure's success rate is the same.


Bone marrow, a soft, spongy tissue found inside the bones, plays an essential part in the formation of blood-cells


  • Red blood cells transport the oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
  • Infection is fought by white blood cells.
  • Platelets are responsible for the production of clots.


This is why bone marrow is regarded as a vital component of the human body. But what happens if it's infected with cancer? What therapy is best for you? Is a transplant a viable choice for you? Is it likely to produce positive outcomes?

  • Before considering a bone marrow transplant, numerous aspects must be considered, including the type of disease, the stage of illness, age, overall health, and so on.
  • Transplants are also deemed appropriate for persons who have healthy kidneys, hearts, lungs, and livers.

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Turkey as the best place to get bone marrow transplantation

  • A bone marrow transplant can wholly or partially cure a condition.
  • If the transplant is successful, the patient can resume normal activities once they have recovered.
  • As one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world, Turkey is gaining international recognition for providing high-quality medical treatments. 
  • Turkey is a popular choice among overseas patients seeking sophisticated medical treatment. 
  • The method of bone marrow transplantation in Turkey is a safe and successful operation with a high success rate.
  • The best BMT hospitals in Turkey provide a complete range of services and post-transplant care facilities for all types of BMT surgeries. 
  • The quality of medical services and patient care at these hospitals has been certified by international and national accreditation agencies.
  • Regularly, they serve a significant number of patients from all regions of the world.
  • These institutions offer cost-effective healthcare packages that reduce the overall cost of treatment.
  • Compared to numerous other nations, this assistance for patients from overseas saves a substantial amount of money for bone marrow transplant Turkey.
  • There is no need to wait for treatment.
  • As soon as the medical evaluation is completed, the medical team can begin the surgery.

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Other factors contribute to Turkey's popularity as a destination for bone marrow transplants

Medical Care of the Highest Quality


  • Turkey's Universal Health Insurance system provides universal health care.
  • Turkish hospitals, particularly for international patients, provide high-quality medical care.
  • The 'help' desk is specially set up in most hospitals to aid international patients dealing with language barriers, currency exchange issues, and other issues.
  • In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Health inspects hospitals and clinics regularly to see if they are improving their cleanliness, license, and other issues.


Medical Experts with Years of Experience


  • When it comes to medical specialists, Turkey boasts a wealth of highly skilled and experienced medical personnel who play a critical part in its healthcare success.
  • Surgeons and doctors stay up to date on the latest medical developments and technologies.
  • They have earned degrees, certifications, and fellowships from top medical institutions all over the world.
  • They have international experience and are well-trained.


Clinics & Hospitals


  • The most incredible thing about Turkish hospitals is their collaboration with other hospitals around the world.
  • Anadolu Medical Center, for example, collaborates with Johns Hopkins Medicine International and others.
  • These facilities are well-equipped, with cutting-edge technology and supplies.
  • They personalize treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient.
  • They have internationally recognized and experienced certified doctors and medical professionals.
  • These hospitals are known for offering excellent medical care and a welcoming atmosphere for their patients.


Location of the Country


  • Located in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, the country has cultural ties to the ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires.
  • Geographically, the country is situated between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • The country is easily accessible via several airlines, the most popular of which is Turkish Airlines.


The Visa Application Process


  • Obtaining a visa in Turkey, whether for a holiday or treatment, is relatively straightforward.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 90 days before departure.
  • Depending on your country of origin, the terms and conditions may vary.
  • In Turkey, there are medical guidelines for bone marrow donation.
  • Because an allogeneic transplant necessitates the presence of a donor, as a result, according to Turkish law, the donor must be a close relative, such as parents, siblings, or spouse, or the donor may also be a friend. 
  • However, the donor and recipient must prove their connection, such as photographs, and the friendship must have lasted at least three to five years.
  • In addition, the donor must be at least 18 years old.
  • The SGK has a contract to execute the transplant surgery and follow-up care (Social Security Institution).

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Leading Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

Anadolu Medical Center


  • This is a world-class healthcare facility located on the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey.
  • It is a multi-specialty hospital that delivers international-standard healthcare services.
  • In 2002, the hospital partnered with John Hopkins Medicine and had offered world-class healthcare to its patients ever since.


Hisar Intercontinental Hospital


  • In Istanbul, it is Turkey's most extensive hospital.
  • Patients worldwide can benefit from the hospital's vast range of healthcare services and initiatives.
  • Cancer therapy, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric cardiology, bone marrow transplant, hematology, neurology, orthopedics, and other medical departments are among the hospital's specialties.


Camlica Medicana:


  • In Turkey, a multi-specialty hospital is noted for its foreign services.
  • It's a 150-bed facility that performs 8,000 angioplasty and 1,500 by-pass treatments every year. 
  • Other departments of the hospital provide healthcare services.


Ulus Liv Hospital:


  • Since its foundation, the hospital has been a leader in providing dependable and high-quality healthcare services.
  • The hospital, a 3,000-square-meter main center in Istanbul, keeps up with the latest, most advanced technologies.


Ankara's Medicana International Hospital:


  • Since its foundation, the hospital, one of the most extensive healthcare facilities in the capital, has provided excellent healthcare services.
  • All of the institutions are well-known for their exceptional services in various medical fields, including cardiology, orthopedics, bone marrow transplants, organ transplants, and more.


Memorial Clinics:


  • A robust network of modern medical centers that have obtained numerous accreditations in the United States and Europe.
  • In Ankara and Istanbul, Memorial Transplant Centers offer patients the option to receive necessary therapy in the shortest time.
  • Memorial's network is one of Turkey's most modern, and it was named Best Network of Medical Centers in Istanbul in 2016.
  • Adults and children with hematological and oncological diseases have their organs transplanted.
  • Also available are haploidentical transplants from semi-compatible related donors.


KOC University Hospital


  • The University Clinic of KOC is a comprehensive medical center.
  • The clinic has earned ISO 9001 Quality Management System and JCI international accrediting commission certificates during its operations.
  • The Bone Marrow Transplant Center is where stem cell transplantation takes place.
  • Here, both autologous (stem cells) and allogeneic (donor) transplants are done. 
  • The patient's stem cells are extracted and kept during autologous transplantation.
  • The patient receives high-dose chemotherapy before doctors inject their stem cells.
  • When it comes to allogeneic transplantation, the first step is to look for potential donors.
  • If both the patient and the donor are healthy enough for the procedure, the stem cells from the donor are transferred to the patient once the high-dose chemotherapy is finished.


Liv Hospital


  • Liv Clinic is a leading interdisciplinary hospital in Turkey.
  • The hospital was awarded JCI and ISO 9001 certifications by an international accreditation commission.
  • Modern medical units, cutting-edge technology, and skilled specialists have all contributed to the Liv clinic's status as a global medical hub, with specialists from all over the world. 
  • The hospital transplants its stem cells as well as those from related and unrelated donors. 
  • Professor Oral Nevruz, one of Turkey's leading specialists for leukemia therapy and bone marrow transplantation with over 25 years of expertise, performs bone marrow transplantation.


Medical Park Antalya Medical Center:


  • It is the Mediterranean's leading private general clinic.
  • An organ transplant center is located here, where patients of all ages can have autologous (using one's cells) and allogeneic (using donor cells) bone marrow transplants. 
  • BMT has a success rate of 97 percent in adults and 91 percent in youngsters.
  • The hospital has access to the International Bone Marrow Donor Registry.
  • Professor Bulent Ezer, considered one of Turkey's most skilled hematologists, performs bone marrow transplants.
  • The doctor has been in practice for over 30 years and has received training at several prestigious medical institutes in the United States and Canada.

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Factors affecting the cost of bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow transplantation is a complex procedure requiring dexterity—several factors, including determining the cost of a bone marrow transplant:


  • Medical Condition
  • Transplantation Type
  • Pre-surgery examinations
  • Chemotherapy Cost
  • Hospital Types
  • Age of the Patient
  • Care Following-Up
  • The surgeon's experience
  • Fees charged by hospitals
  • Room types include VIP, ordinary, and others.
  • Charges in the laboratory
  • Costs of follow-up
  • Medications
  • Cancer stage and kind
  • Food, lodging, and travel expenses


Additional fees, such as the cost of lodging, meals, and local transportation, are included in the total price of transplant surgery for patients who go to another country for treatment.

  • The patient may choose to stay in a 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star hotel and dine on the country's most abundant cuisines.
  • The cost is directly proportional to the level of luxury desired by the patient.
  • In Turkey, the average cost of a bone marrow transplant is $4,000.
  • The cost of a bone marrow transplant in Turkey varies depending on the type of transplant:
    • The cost of an autologous transplant starts at USD 50,000.
    • The cost of an allogeneic transplant ranges from USD 70,000 to USD 80,000.

Mespoir medical tourism can assist you in selecting the most appropriate bone marrow transplant hospital in Turkey for your treatment.

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