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KOC Hospital in Turkey

KOC Hospital in Turkey

About the hospital

  • As a research and training hospital, Koç University Hospital opened in September 2014.
  • The hospital now has 404 inpatient rooms and 73 intensive care unit beds after the second phase of the Health Sciences Campus was completed.
  • With its innovative approach and dynamic team at North American standards, the Health Sciences Campus includes a medical school, nursing school, research laboratories, and advanced learning center.
  • It also aims to contribute to qualified human capital in the healthcare sector with its 220.000 m2 net area.
  • The Med American Ambulatory Care Surgery Center, part of the Koç Healthcare Institutions, was founded in 1997.
  • With its highly qualified physicians and experienced healthcare professionals, Med American Ambulatory Care Surgery Center provides services in all medical disciplines to worldwide quality standards.
  • Every person at Koç Healthcare Institutions understands that each patient has different needs and deserves a customized response.
  • They structure their healthcare services into complete care groups to provide the best possible care, putting patients at the core of their system.
  • Service Lines are introduced across Koç Healthcare institutions to offer the best continuum of care with a multidisciplinary approach in each clinical pathway for their patients.
  • They also offer clinical programs and service lines rather than a volume-based and departmental approach.
  • Removing all territorial barriers between departments can provide a more complete and value-based service to their patients.

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Specifications of the Koc University Hospital

The hospital's capacity has been extended as of 2016 and now includes:

  • There are 404 single-bed patient rooms available.
  • There are 73 intensive care units (366 adults and 111 children).
  • In total, about 4000 surgeries were performed in 16 operations and 14 intervention rooms.
  • Inpatient treatment services at Koç University Hospital were provided to almost 6,000 persons in 2016, with over 1,600 international patients.
  • Sixty-five thousand persons are served via outpatient services.

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Vehbi Koc Foundation

  • It is a non-profit organization founded by Vehbi Ko.
  • Through the promotion of education, health, and culture, the Vehbi Koç Foundation, part of the Koç Group, Turkey's most prominent and Fortune 500 Corporation, addresses the fundamental necessities of life for a modern and developing Turkey.
  • Koç Healthcare Institutions are not-for-profit, world-class hospitals that place a strong emphasis on research and education.
  • Koç Healthcare Institutions houses American Hospital, Koç University Hospital, and Med American Ambulatory Care Surgery Center.
  • With over 4,700 employees, including 666 physicians, 1,192 nurses, and 2,507 administrative and support staff, they have the best human resources in the industry.
  • Approximately 400,000 patients were treated in their healthcare facilities in 2017.
  • They want to keep their good name in the healthcare industry by providing dependable patient care, open and honest communication, self-evaluation, and continual improvement while adhering to worldwide quality accreditations and standards.
  • As a result, their Infection Control Unit makes sure that the infection rates stay below the CDC's (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended threshold.
  • To improve their patients' services and raise their satisfaction, they established Turkey's first "Patient Experience Office," which is directly overseen by the CEO.
  • The patient experience index rate is currently above 96 percent.
  • The Health Sciences Campus, which covers 220.000 m2, houses the medical school, nursing school, research facilities, and the Advanced Learning Center.
  • With its creative approach and energetic workforce, the Health Sciences Campus hopes to contribute to developing competent human capital in the healthcare sector.

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Services provided by the Vehbi Koc Foundation

The Vehbi Koç Foundation made the following contributions:

  • Services for outpatients
  • Projects for nursing education and development
  • Award in Healthcare Support Activities for Public Health Projects from the Vehbi Koç Foundation
  • Colleges of Medicine and Nursing at Koç University
  • The center is run by the entity that made Turkey's most significant private sector investment in the health sector.
  • Supporting healthcare projects is one of Koc University Hospital's most essential undertakings.
  • They sponsor a variety of health-related programs in addition to their healthcare establishments. Here are a couple of the organizations they've supported:
    • Vibe Kush Eye Hospital, Ankara University School of Medicine, 2007
    • Haydarpa?a Nomoni Teaching and Research Hospital, Phoebe Koch Emergency Medical Center, Haydarpa?a Nomoni Teaching and Research Hospital, Haydarpa?a Nomoni Teaching and Research Hospital, Haydarp
    • The Vehbi Koç Foundation established the Haydarpa?a Nomoni Hospital for Traffic Accidents in 1985 and first-level treatment facilities.
    • Bhi Koc Eye Bank, Ankara University College of Medicine, 1963


Cancer Control and Prevention Program

  • The multidisciplinary cancer program is the first of its kind, with expert physicians, cancer nurses, psycho-oncologists, and patient care coordinators working together to deliver the best possible treatment to the cancer patients and their families in a caring environment.
  • Every cancer patient's treatment is organized at these institutions at multidisciplinary cancer meetings in which professionals, all of whom are highly trained in their specialties, share their expertise and experience to provide a personalized treatment.


International Collaboration with MD Anderson

  • As the only satellite radiation therapy facility outside of the United States, their collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Radiation Oncology began in 2010. 
  • They strengthened their relationship in 2016 when they became an MD Anderson International Associate Member, giving them exclusive rights to 22 countries.
  • In addition to Radiation Oncology, American Hospital now offers healthcare services in every field related to cancer therapy, with the same high quality and standards as MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Radiosurgery with a Gamma Knife

  • The Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit brings together a wealth of knowledge, cutting-edge research techniques, and cutting-edge technology. Professor Selçuk Peker, Director of the Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit, has treated over 7,000 patients and has a long list of globally renowned publications to his credit.
  • Patients with cranial diseases will receive the best possible care thanks to powerful human capital and the most precise radiosurgery device on the market.
  • Koç Healthcare Institutions is honored to be one of the first healthcare providers in Turkey to deploy the most up-to-date radiosurgery system, which is only available in a few chosen locations throughout the world.
  • Their Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit can treat about 2,000 patients per year.


Unit for Bone Marrow Transplantation

  • The bone marrow transplantation facility at Koç University Hospital began accepting patients in the second half of 2016 as part of their Comprehensive Cancer Program.
  • The facility has 14 HEPA-filtered air-locked single rooms, a flow-cytometry lab, and a clean room for cell manipulation.
  • The unit has already proven to be their newest excellence center, with an annual capacity of 120 patients, under the leadership of three internationally recognized academics.
  • In 2018, they opened a pediatric bone marrow transplantation unit, a huge step forward for their pediatrics service line.


Cardiovascular Service Line at Living Heart

  • Living Heart is a multidisciplinary cardiovascular program that brings together a highly qualified team from the departments of Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology, and Vascular Surgery, all of which are supported by cutting-edge technology.
  • With a yearly volume of 5000 minimally invasive operations, their skilled cardiac surgeons have introduced various novel approaches and techniques to the literature.
  • Haldun Karagöz, M.D., director of the Living Heart Cardiovascular Service Line, is a world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon who pioneered several surgical methods and was the first to execute a coronary bypass surgery on an awake patient.
  • In Turkey, Genco Yücel, M.D., a world-renowned interventional cardiologist, did TAVI and Mitraclip procedures.
  • The team's teamwork, paired with accreditation from the "European Association of Echocardiography," allows them to maintain their position as the nation's most regarded and leading cardiovascular facility.


Center for the Spine

  • Physical therapy, rehabilitation, neurology, neurosurgery, rheumatology, and orthopedics departments are part of the Spine Center, a multi-disciplinary clinical program.
  • The clinic, managed by six prominent academicians from various fields, offers treatments for anything from degenerative spinal problems to severe congenital scoliosis, with each case being evaluated individually and treated accordingly.


Robotic Surgery

  • It is a type of surgery that uses robots.
  • The central surgical departments that use Robotic Surgery in their facilities are gynecology, general surgery, and urology.
  • Patients are receiving the most excellent care possible thanks to cutting-edge technology and highly skilled surgeons.


Center for Organ Transplantation

  • Transplantation of organs is a critical necessity all around the world. Organ transplantation at Koç University Hospital is of high quality, based on a global standard of care.
  • Professor Münci Kalayolu, M.D., a world-renowned transplant surgeon, is the mentor and director of the Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center.
  • Dr. Kalayolu was the director of the Wisconsin University Medical School Liver Transplant Center and was named one of the world's most innovative 20 pediatric surgeons.
  • Under the direction of Professor Burak Koçak, M.D., the Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center offers kidney, pancreas, and liver transplant operations by an internationally experienced team.
  • The Koç University Hospital Pediatric Organ Transplantation Program, led by Assistant Professor Turan Kanmaz, M.D., performs kidney and liver transplants.
  • It is critical to select the best transplantation center.
  • Organ transplantation is more than just a surgical procedure.
  • Organ transplantation is more than just a surgical procedure.
  • It also covers the pre-transplant and post-transplant stages.
  • It necessitates interdisciplinary care, which requires high-quality laboratory, operating room, pre-and post-operative care, and intensive care unit (ICU) and imaging services during the transplantation procedure.
  • The Koç University Hospital is wholly equipped with cutting-edge technology and provides modern surgical procedures.
  • Their highly skilled organ transplant team performs surgery at Koç University Hospital in a well-equipped hospital using advanced technology, resulting in high success rates.
  • The Organ Transplantation Center at Koç University Hospital provides the following services:
    • Transplantation of the kidneys, liver, and pancreas at the same time
    • Donor kidney removal can be done laparoscopically (via the belly button) or with the help of a robot.
    • Kidney and liver transplantation in children (simultaneously or separately)
    • The Center collaborates with Turkey's first EFI-accredited immunology laboratory

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Free Services at Koc University Hospital

  • Treatment Strategy (MSO)
  • Transfer of Medical Reports Services
  • Transfer of medical records
  • Rehabilitation
  • Services of translation
  • Services of an interpreter
  • Pickup from the airport
  • Reservation of a hotel
  • Wifi is available for free
  • The phone is in the room
  • There is a television in the room, and unique dietary demands are allowed
  • There are private rooms available for patients
  • Accommodation for families
  • Rooms with mobility access Pharmacy Laundry

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