Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika

Delhi, India

Specialization - Cancer

21 Years of experience

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Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika has been practising Head & Neck surgery for the past 20 years.

His specialty is surgery for tumors/cancer of the head and neck region (which includes the oral cavity, nose and para-nasal sinuses, larynx, pharynx, salivary glands, thyroid, and parathyroid glands).

Dr. Hazarika is an expert in his field and is well-versed in plastic reconstruction of the resected part, as well as endoscopic and minimal access surgery in the Head & Neck region. His most recent acquisition is Robotic Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Hazarika is particularly interested in the functional rehabilitation of all head and neck cancer patients, in addition to surgical procedures.



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