Dr. Emin Tireli

Istanbul, Turkey

Specialization - Heart Surgery

25 Years of experience

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  • Professor Emin Tireli is a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon who practices at the Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. 
  • He has been practicing for over 25 years and is highly respected in his field. 
  • Professor Emin Tireli specializes in the surgical treatment of congenital heart disease in children. 
  • Prof. Emin Tireli, Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon, Medical Park Hospital, Istanbul
  • Emin Tireli was born in Ankara in 1965. 
  • He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ankara in 1990. He completed his residency in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and his fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.
  • He has been a professor of pediatric surgery at the University of Ankara since 2007. 
  • He is a member of many professional organizations, including the Turkish Pediatric Surgery Association, the European Society for Cardiology, and the American Heart Association. 
  • Emin Tireli has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers on pediatric surgery and cardiology. He is also a reviewer for several medical journals. 
  • Emin's primary focus is on congenital heart disease surgery in children, and he has extensive experience in performing corrective procedures on newborns and infants. 
  • He also has expertise in managing complex cardiac cases and high-risk patients. 
  • Emin is highly respected by his peers for his surgical skills and innovative approaches to pediatric cardiology. 
  • Emin Tireli has been a consultant to many hospitals throughout Turkey and Europe on pediatric cardiac surgery.
  • He has performed many complex procedures over the years and has helped to improve the quality of life for countless young patients. 
  • Professor Emin Tireli is a dedicated physician who puts the needs of his patients first. He is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that they receive the best possible care.
  • Professor Tireli has performed many groundbreaking operations during his career, and he continues to research new ways to treat heart conditions in children. 
  • Prof. Emin Tireli, Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon, has received an award from the Turkish Society of Pediatric Cardiology. The award was given in recognition of Tireli's significant contributions to the field of pediatric cardiovascular surgery.
  • Medical Park Hospital has also awarded Professor Emin Tireli, a world-renowned pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, for his exceptional work in the field. 
  • He is also passionate about educating the next generation of surgeons, and he frequently gives lectures and teaches workshops on pediatric cardiac surgery.




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