Best Hospitals in Germany

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Best Hospitals in Germany

Best Hospitals in Germany

Medical treatment in Germany

  • Germany is well known for its prowess in the medical field.
  • It is well renowned for its prowess in medicine, in fact its reputation in the medical field is unmatched by any other country.
  • The biggest reason for this is the high standard of care in hospitals in Germany.
  • Along with that, Germany is full of highly trained and experienced medical practitioners, doctors and surgeons alike, who are constantly working on bettering themselves to provide the best possible treatment to all the patients coming there.


The Mespoir team is in constant contact with some of the best hospitals in Germany. When a patient approaches Mespoir for treatment in Germany, the team gets in touch with the hospital, gets a probable treatment plan. Once a patient has made up their mind, Mespoir reaches out to the hospital to arrange their arrival and pickup from the airport. A representative from Mespoir is constantly by the patient’s side, managing any problems that may arise. Mespoir ensures that every patient’s entire journey and treatment are managed successfully without any problems.

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Why is Germany a good destination for medical treatment?

As a destination for medical treatment, Germany is the perfect place to visit, for many reasons. 


  • Germany is full of medical practitioners who have been lauded all over the world for their excellent skill and expertise in medicine.
  • Medical practitioners in Germany have to undergo extensive training before they start treating patients.
  • Even after they start practicing, they continue to educate themselves to stay in line with the best doctors and surgeons in the world.
  • One other factor that sets Germany apart are the technologically equipped state of the art medical treatment facilities in Germany.
  • Nearly every German hospital is equipped with high tech treatment and imaging technologies such as 3D ultrasound and MRI, surgical robots, targeted therapies, etc. that provide the patients with the best treatment experience that is possible.
  • Germany has also passed very strict laws to improve patient safety.
  • All hospitals are required, by law, to maintain strict hygienic measures, treatment transparency with all patients, and comprehensive follow ups with all patients, local and foreign.
  • Along with exemplary hospitals and doctors, Germany also possesses a wealth of world class resorts, spas, rehabilitation centers, along with tourist destinations to help patients rest and relax while they are undergoing their treatment.

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What is the cost of medical treatment in Germany?

  • With the advanced medical technologies today, one of the biggest reasons people choose to travel for medical treatment is the high cost of said treatment in their own country.
  • In most developed countries, medical treatment costs much more than in developing countries. 
  • Countries like Germany, Turkey, Spain, etc. provide the same quality of treatment as expensive hospitals in developed countries, but at much lower prices.
  • While medical treatment in Germany is not the cheapest, its cost to quality ratio for medical treatment is one of the best in the entire world.
  • This means that it is one of the best treatment places with the lowest possible rates.
  • A record number of 150,000-250,000 patients visit Germany every year to seek medical treatment and it is Mespoir’s mission statement to make that journey easier and more comfortable.
  • It can be very frustrating to try to engage in treatment in Germany, navigate their culture, language, etc. but the Mespoir team is here to ensure that every patient can enjoy treatment without any stress or tension.

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Which are the best hospitals in Germany?

Some of the best hospitals in Germany are:-


University Hospital Heidelberg

Im Neuenheimer, Heidelberg, Germany


  • University Hospital Heidelberg is one of the largest medical centers in Germany.
  • It is closely linked to the Heidelberg University Medical School, one of the oldest medical institutions in Germany, founded in 1388.
  • The hospital has 10 branches, where every year, over 700,000 patients visit for medical treatment. 
  • It is one of the most renowned hospitals in Germany for cancer treatment.
  • The hospital just opened a foundation by the name of National Center of Tumor Diseases (NCT) in cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) with the aim of developing newer and better therapies for cancer treatment.
  • The hospital is a pioneer in HIT (heavy ion therapy), a much more effective form of photon therapy.
  • HIT is a new hope for many cancer patients that can’t be treated by pre-existing therapies. 


Solingen Municipal Hospital

Solingen, Germany


  • Solingen Municipal Hospital, founded in 1863, is an academic multi-specialty hospital, under the authority of the University of Cologne.
  • The hospital is widely known as one of the best cancer treatment facilities in Germany, even receiving commendation from the German Cancer Society (DKG).
  • It is a large facility, with over 700 beds, with a fully equipped ICU, NICU, and general and luxury wards. 
  • The hospital received an ISO 9001:2008 certification for its health and safety standards, marking it as a Baby-Friendly hospital for pediatric treatment.
  • The hospital specialises in oncology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and cardiology treatment. Its doctors are among the best in the world, collaborating with WHO on various treatment and research projects for newer treatment methodologies.
  • The hospital is very popular among medical tourists as it provides some of the best treatment in Germany, with provision for transport, accommodation and translators to whoever needs them.
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Hering, from the Cardiology department of the hospital was listed among the best 80 cardiologists for hypertension treatment in 2017.
  • He is still considered to be among the top 3000 doctors in the world today.
  • The hospital has over 3500 cardiology and 1000 neurology surgeries every year, with high success rates.
  • The hospital has a selection of wards from general, to twin wards, luxury wards, etc.
  • All rooms are fully furnished with necessary medical equipment, sofa, chairs and table, TV and internet access at extra cost.
  • The hospital has a comfortable waiting area for the patient’s families.


University Hospital, Dusseldorff

Moorenstraße 5, Dusseldorf, Germany


  • The University Hospital Düsseldorf, founded in 1907, comprises over 34 clinics and 30 medical institutes.
  • The hospital is widely renowned for its cardiology department, which has a record of over 50,000 successful cardiac surgeries, since 1938, when the department began.
  • Even the neurology department performs over 3000 successful surgeries annually.
  • This is because the hospital is equipped with the most recent cutting edge technologies. 
  • In addition to medical treatment, the hospital also has an exemplary academic department, where its brilliant doctors and surgeons are trained.
  • The hospital employs over 800 medical professionals, including doctors and surgeons and 1300 nurses.
  • The hospital wards are designed specially to fulfill the needs of the patients in their families, with an automatically adjustable bed, wardrobes, a bedside table, a telephone, and many more facilities.
  • The hospital provides up to date treatment regimens, employing the most recent technologies to help treat patients that had lost hope before visiting the facility.
  • The hospital also has an excellent transplant department. 
  • The hospital has a COIP (Coordinating Office) for international patients specialising in treating Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic patients, following a fundamental, patient-focused approach for treatment for better diagnostic and treatment results.
  • The hospital is very conveniently located near the Düsseldorf International Airport, easily reachable through taxis, shuttles with transit stops at Universität Nord/Christopher and Uni-Kliniken. 


Helios Specialist Clinic Vogelsang

Sophie-v.-Boetticher-Straße 1, Gommern, Germany


  • Helios Hospital was established in 1899, as a treatment facility for tuberculosis, but now, the hospital has grown into one of the largest treatment facilities for thoracic surgery, urology and rheumatology.
  • It was awarded the ‘Seal of the Hygiene Saxony-Anhalt’ for its quality standards. In 2006, the hospital started the “Clinical Hygiene and Infect-ology” for preparing and employing newer and better safety standards.
  • The hospital specialises in medical treatment for foreign patients.
  • The doctors are multilingual, specialising in German, English and Russian, with readily available translators for other languages.
  • The medical staff is available 24x7, ready for any emergency possible.
  • The medical team is available round-the-clock for any emergency case.
  • There are 3 operating theaters, the radiological department and a whole-body cold chamber in the hospital.
  • All wards, general and luxury, are equipped with beds, private bathroom, TV, phone and WiFi. 
  • The hospital provides a special nutritious diet to all patients, and has a cafe for patient’s relatives.
  • The hospital is readily available through taxis and metros, located just a few minutes away from the airport.
  • It is centrally located, near shopping malls and café.
  • The hospital is near many different historical exhibits.

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In conclusion, medical tourism in Germany is a booming industry with a lot of potential.

  • The country is a viable option for those seeking quality medical care.
  • It has a lot to offer tourists, from its world-class facilities to its highly trained staff.
  • The country has a long history of excellence in the medical field, and its hospitals are some of the best in the world.
  • While the cost of medical care in Germany is higher than in many other countries, the quality of care is worth the investment.

In case you want to start your healthcare journey in Germany, connect with us at Mespoir for a seamless and wonderful experience. Contact at: or +91 8882202803

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