Best IVF Centres in India

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Best IVF Centres in India

Best IVF Centres in India

What is IVF and why is it needed?

  • Reproduction is the most basic desire of the living being.
  • Every living being strives to produce their own off-spring and impart their own traits and features to them.
  • Since a long time ago, it has been a point of pride in society to have children. But it is not that easy for everyone.
  • Some people are unable to have their own biological children, not for the lack of trying.
  • This can be due to a multitude of reasons, better known as fertility problems.
  • Infertility is commonly assumed in people that are unable to conceive a child even after 1 year (or 6 months in case of women older than 35 years) of trying.
  • Some of these fertility problems are:
  • Blocked fallopian tubes due to endometriosis, a previous ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammation, Uterine fibroids, etc. in case of women
  • Low sperm production, abnormal sperm function, blockage that prevent sperm delivery, etc. in men.
  • Approximately, 27.5 million people in India suffer from infertility.
  • For such couples, where either and/or both members suffer from fertility problems, fertility treatments such as IVF are a godsend.
  • In- vitro fertilization (or IVF) is a complex set of procedures where the sperm and ovum are extracted from their respective donors and then fertilized in a laboratory outside their bodies i.e. in vitro.
  • It comes under the umbrella of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).
  • In the past couple of decades, the popularity of IVF treatment has soared, giving hope and happiness to a lot of couples who had previously given up on their dreams of having their own biological child. 

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What is the cost of IVF procedure in India?

  • It is inconceivable for people to receive IVF treatment in a lot of developed countries such as the UK, US, Singapore, etc.
  • IVF in India is much more preferable to these people as it is available at much lower costs, while the clinical outcome and success rates are similar to that of developed countries. 
  • The cost of IVF in India is determined on the basis of factors such as number of cycles needed, cost of medications, consultation charges, whether donated eggs or sperm are needed, etc. 
  • The number of cycles needed depends on the patient's age, their uterine health, etc. 
  • After a couple meets with a gynecologist/IVF specialist for the first time, the doctor examines them both carefully and proposes the entire treatment plan, including the services that they would need to avail, such as sperm donors, egg donors, surrogacy, testicular sperm extraction, intracytoplasmic sperm extraction, etc. 

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What factors should be considered while choosing an IVF treatment center in India?

  • It is very important for all couples to remember that they should not choose an IVF centre solely on the basis of the low cost of the procedure.
  • They should make sure that the doctor has good credentials, excellent track record and a good reputation in their field.
  • The doctor must be well versed in handling any complications that may occur in the course of the treatment. 

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Which people should consider getting consultation from an infertility expert?

  • Infertility treatments should be considered in couples that have been trying to conceive a baby for over 6 months but have been unable to do it.
  • Before getting a treatment, a fertility doctor should be consulted so that he can analyse sexual habits of the patient and recommend some tips to improve the chances of a pregnancy.
  • Male fertility tests include semen analysis, hormone testing, genetic testing etc.
  • Women fertility tests include ovulation testing, hysterosalpingography, ovarian reserve testing, etc.

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What are the best IVF centers in Delhi?

Some of the best IVF centers in India are:

Select IVF India, New Delhi

  • Select IVF is the location in India to receive fertility treatments.
  • It is a highly popular destination in India for medical tourism.
  • It has clinics set up in multiple nations i.e. India, Nepal, Georgia, Ukraine, Cambodia, Laos, Kenya, etc.
  • It has tie- ups with well-known hospitals and clinics all over the world with the aim to provide world class fertility treatment to everyone under one roof. 
  • The staff of Select IVF comprises some of the best and highly skilled fertility doctors, gynecologists, embryologists, urogynecologists, etc. that have over 30 years of experience in the field of fertility management.
  • All the staff at Select India is trained in hospitality, with the sole aim to help every couple that comes to it in fulfilling their hope of having their first child.

 Gaudium IVF & Gynae Solutions Center, New Delhi

  • Gaudium IVF was established in 2009 by the acclaimed Infertility Specialist and Laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Manika.
  • Due to its excellent work, Gaudium IVF has won world recognition in the field of fertility management.
  • It has centers in 30 countries for example, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Spain and Australia to name a few.
  • Gaudium IVF was awarded the ‘Best IVF & Infertility Hospital in North India’ in 2015 at the National Healthcare Achievers Awards and the best ‘Best Single Specialty Hospital – IVF at Healthcare Leaders’ in 2015.
  • It has an unparalleled success rate of 50% in patients with previously failed IVF cases, and in couples over 49 years of age.
  • It has shown a record-breaking success rate of 80% over cases of 3 IVF cycles.
  • Gaudium IVF was the only Fertility center to offer integrated counseling and support to its patients.
  • It has a team of highly trained and experienced fertility experts capable of managing and solving any problem from the wide spectrum of fertility problems.
  • It provides a complete range of advanced fertility solutions such as Ovulation Induction, IVF, ICSI, IUI, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) treatment, complete Male Fertility Solutions, etc. 

 Little Angel IVF, Noida

  • Little Angel IVF is a clinic run by the esteemed and highly experienced Dr. Mona Dahiya.
  • Dr. Dahiya has over 18 years of global experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. 
  • She has undergone rigorous training in the SRA: IVF Center at the Maulana Azad Medical College and completed her fellowship on the subject in Singapore General Hospital.
  • She has performed over 3000 IVF cycles to help hopeless couples conceive a child.
  • She has published several articles in national and international journals.
  • The staff at Little IVF is well trained to provide the best possible care to the patients, whether it be healthcare or psychological care.
  • The staff is equipped with expert counselors that are capable of mitigating the stress of the would-be parents through the ICMR guidelines.
  • The parents are supported and guided every step of the way. 
  • Little IVF has shown a success rate of 70% through the usage of tailor-made processes.

 Ferticity Fertility Clinics, New Delhi

  • Ferticity Fertility specializes in performing personalized care and treatment that is tailor-made differently to each couple.
  • Extra effort is put into making sure that the patient is comfortable and relaxed.
  • The atmosphere in the clinic is clean, warm and homely to discourage any hesitation in would- be parent’s minds and encourage them to share all their problems without any hesitation.
  • Ferticity specializes in IVF, IUI, IVF- ICSI, Pre- diagnostic Genetic Diagnosis and Screening, Blastocyst Transfer, etc.
  • Ferticity also has extensive programs to help deal with the cases of unexplained infertility, recurrent abortions, and implantation failures. 
  • The staff at Ferticity is well trained and friendly and ensures the transparency of treatment, lively environment and promising results.
  • It comprises the esteemed doctors Dr. Nalini Mahajan and Dr. Ila Gupta.
  • Dr. Nalini has over 43 years of clinical and academic experience in the field of Infertility and Assisted Reproduction.
  • She has also won the President’s Gold Medal for obtaining the first position in MBBS at Delhi University and the Pfizer Gold Medal.
  • Dr. Ila has over 23 years of experience in treating patients with infertility.
  • She has been a part of the IVF centers at renowned hospitals like Ganga Ram Hospital, Artemis Health Institute.
  • Patient’s privacy and confidentiality are kept in high order and counseling is provided to anyone that needs it.
  • Ferticity follows a holistic approach towards healthcare i.e. it aims towards the complete wellness of the patient coming to it to provide the patients with a memorable experience.

 Nova IVF and Fertility Clinic, New Delhi

  • Nova IVF fertility NIF is one of the largest fertility expert service providers in the field of infertility and Assisted Reproduction Technology.
  • It provides fertility treatments on par with the best fertility hospitals in the world.
  • In addition to providing core procedures like IUI, IVF etc.
  • NIF also offers state of the art technological treatments such as embryoscopy ERA (endometrial receptor Array) etc. to find out the timing of uteruses’ capacity to accept these embryos.
  • These procedures improve the chances of a pregnancy in a previously infertile person significantly.
  • NIF also offers advanced techniques like Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) in which the embryologist carries out the fertilization of eggs using high power microscope to select sperms with the best morphological quality.
  • NIF was awarded the ‘Medical Value Travel Specialist IVF Hospital’ by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and as the ‘Indian Fertility Service Provider Company of the Year’ by Frost and Sullivan.
  • It also achieved the ‘Healthcare Achievers Award - IVF Clinic’ by Times of India in 2018 alone. 
  • It is one of Asia’s greatest brands and a leading fertility chain in India.
  • The staff at each of NIF is composed of some of the best infertility experts in India.
  • They are trained to be compassionate and believe in caring personally for an enriched patient experience for every couple that comes for treatment.
  • Each facility is equipped with the most advanced state of the art technological equipment and medical and paramedical staff.
  • NIF has published articles in national and international journals detailing rare infertility cases to help other fertility doctors in providing the best standard of care possible.
  • Also they have also published research articles about new ways to combat infertility to help raise the bar of healthcare and infertility treatments all over the world.

The Mespoir team is in constant contact with some of the best hospitals in Delhi.

  • When a patient approaches Mespoir for treatment in Delhi, the team gets in touch with the hospital, gets a probable treatment plan.
  • Once a patient has made up their mind, Mespoir reaches out to the hospital to arrange their arrival and pickup from the airport.
  • A representative from Mespoir is constantly by the patient’s side, managing any problems that may arise.
  • Mespoir ensures that every patient’s entire journey and treatment are managed successfully without any problems.

In case you want to start your healthcare journey in Delhi, connect with us at Mespoir for a seamless and wonderful experience. Contact at: or +91 8882202803

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