Best IVF Clinics in Egypt

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Best IVF Clinics in Egypt

Best IVF Clinics in Egypt

IVF in Egypt

  • In vitro fertilization, often known as VF, is a set of techniques used to assist couples in conceiving a child.
  • One of the most effective forms of assisted reproductive technologies is in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • Many couples worldwide are enquiring about IVF in Egypt, where they may have it done using cutting-edge technology under the guidance of competent and expert specialists for a meager cost.
  • When IVF was first offered in Egypt in 1986, it was shortly followed by Islamic restrictions.
  • Many people were relieved to learn that such treatment was not prohibited by faith.
  • But, as Egyptians focused on constructing a new democracy, proposals for a dedicated national supervisor, clinic registration, medical accreditation, and the draught law from 2010 have fallen by the wayside.
  • As a result, the exact number of clinics and practitioners is uncertain.
  • Basic IVF costs between 6,000 and 12,000 Egyptian pounds (870 to 1,740 dollars), while choosing the sex of a kid costs between 25,000 and 30,000 Egyptian pounds (3,600 to 4,300 dollars).
  • These prices are low by developed world standards, but Egypt's minimum salary is roughly 730 Egyptian pounds (105 dollars) each month.
  • Despite this, Sabry claims that people find money in some way.

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What is the purpose of IVF?

IVF is mainly utilized in Egypt to address various infertility issues in women over the age of 40 or those who have one of the following issues:


  • Ovulation abnormalities cause fewer eggs to be produced.
  • Fibroids in the uterus can hinder the fertilized egg from implanting properly.
  • Blockages and damage to the fallopian tubes hinder embryos from accessing the uterus and disrupt the egg's natural fertilization.
  • Men's sperm difficulties include aberrant sperm count, motility, and size and shape.
  • Unknown reasons for infertility.

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Factors that influence the cost of IVF in Egypt

The following are some of the primary elements that influence the cost of IVF in Egypt:


  • Age: 
    • Age is a crucial element that influences IVF costs in Egypt because older women require a higher dosage of fertility medicines to stimulate their ovaries than younger women, which raises the overall cost of IVF in Egypt.


  • Body Mass Index:


  • Your body weight is another critical factor affecting IVF prices in Egypt.
  • Being overweight or underweight necessitates a higher dosage of fertility medicines to stimulate the ovaries in both circumstances.
  • So, while having IVF therapy, Dr. Nalini Gupta, an IVF expert at Select IVF India, recommends maintaining an optimal body weight based on your BMI.


  • Changing your way of life:


  • So, while having IVF therapy, Dr. Nalini Gupta, an IVF expert at Select IVF India, recommends maintaining an optimal body weight based on your BMI.
  • Your lifestyle also influences the cost of IVF in Egypt.
  • If you drink or smoke frequently, it will impair the quality of women's eggs and men's sperms, implying that you will be unable to deliver enough eggs and sperms for conception.
  • Extra dosage to stimulate women's ovaries to generate more mature and healthy eggs for fertilization is required to have good quality eggs and sperms.
  • The doctor encourages couples to quit smoking and avoid consuming alcohol at least three months before IVF therapy to have a better outcome.

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IVF Treatment in Egypt at a Reasonable Price

  • Egypt is a place where IVF therapy is both reasonable and economical.
  • People who do not want to spend a lot of money on IVF can go to Egypt, where they will get world-class facilities, the best infrastructure, and the best treatment services at a meager cost.
  • The purpose of delivering such a low-cost IVF treatment in Egypt is so that any person on the earth can enjoy motherhood blissfully, regardless of the cost of treatment.

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List of Egypt's Best IVF clinics

Here's a comprehensive list of Egypt's Best IVF clinics, and you can choose the ideal one for you

Dr Ahmed Shamel - Obgyn Clinic Mohandessin

  • Dr. Ahmed Shamel fertility clinic is a sophisticated clinic in the center of Cairo, in the twin tower, Sheikh Zayed, that provides the best care for couples seeking fertility.
  • Fertility consultations, IVF, ICSI, Sex selection, Pre-Genetic diagnosis, Pre-genetic screening, Embryo freezing, Egg freezing, Testicular sperm extraction, Intra-uterine insemination, Ovulation induction, and all fertility tests are all available.


Adam International Hospital

  • At this fertility clinic on Eden Street in Mohandesin, Arab Republic of Egypt, the team takes a personalized approach.
  • The crew is highly qualified and experienced, and they have a high success rate when it comes to assisting couples in starting families.
  • Patients from other countries are welcomed and treated at a reasonable cost.
  • At the clinic, there are no restrictions on the number of attempts to conceive. 
  • The clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and the team places a premium on patient safety and privacy. Counseling, diagnostics, and IVF, IUI, ICSI, and aided hatching treatments are all available.


Rahem Fertility Centre Place of Science

  • This hospital has the world's best triple gas incubators and the most up-to-date inverted microscope.
  • In addition to the optimum laminar flow required for the embryo, oocyte, and sperm culture, the air quality in the laboratory is critical.
  • Everything in the lab has to meet specific requirements to provide the optimum environment for the embryos.
  • They are always eager to be kept up to date on the most current criteria.
  • This hospital not only observes but also contributes to improvements.
  • They were published in the world's most prestigious publications after conducting numerous high-quality studies (the USA and Europe). 
  • These studies were presented at some of the world's most prestigious conferences, including the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Europe's ESHRE, and the Middle East's ESHRE (MEFS meetings).


Dr. Orief's Fertility Centre

  • Dr. Orief's Fertility Center is dedicated to offering high-quality medical care by a medical team that is well-established, successful, and internationally trained.
  • This reproductive center promises to provide the most excellent care possible to achieve a successful pregnancy.
  • Individualized Care is their Fertility Centre's concept.
  • By taking this patient-centered approach, they can ensure that their patients receive the best possible world-class care tailored to their unique requirements.
  • Infertility may be a stressful time for couples, and numerous studies show that this harms success.
  • Dr. Orief's Center is committed to making your experience as painless as possible.
  • Dr. Orief's Fertility Centre's founding team has remained constant, only growing and becoming more robust as the facility has grown.
  • Members of the team are chosen for their clinical or scientific abilities and their dedication to patient care and the rest of the group.
  • Dr. Orief's Fertility Centre understands that to stay on top; it must deliver the highest quality fertility care possible, which can only be accomplished by supporting the team.
  • To stay current in their fields of expertise, all of their Clinical and Scientific staff members attend annual scientific conferences and workshops.


The Egyptian IVF-ET Center

  • The Egyptian IVF-ET Center was the first medical center in Egypt to offer infertility therapy when it opened in 1986.
  • Over the last three decades, they've put a smile on the faces of hundreds of couples. 
  • The center is a modern facility in the gorgeous Maadi area of Egypt, easily accessible from practically anywhere in the country. 
  • The team consists of in vitro fertilization professionals supported by a well-trained team of over 120 individuals who work together to guarantee that their patients receive the finest possible care. 
  • This center not only provides medical care to their patients, but they also serve as consultants, sharing their knowledge with people who want to learn more.
  • They developed quality assurance standards inside their business to provide the most satisfactory service for their patients.
  • They received the ISO 9001: 2008, making them the first (and so far, only) IVF clinic in Egypt to receive the ISO in scientific research in our sector.


Kamal Shaer Hospital - the house of expertise in ICSI and treatment of infertility and ED

  • Dr. Kamal Barley Hospital is one of the world's most experienced IVF hospitals and treatment centers for infertility and sexual diseases, and the WHO recognizes it as a reference facility.
  • It is heuristic in these areas because it includes a group of eminent scientists who have expanded my specialization of infertility and sexual weakness global study.
  • They take pride in having the most significant success rates in ICSI, ED surgery, and penis implant surgery, as well as a willingness to try pharmacological treatment for infertility and impotence before turning to more invasive operations. 
  • They celebrate their 50 years in infertility and andrology.


Repro IVF

  • With an established, successful, and globally trained medical team, Repro-IVF Center is dedicated to offering high-quality medical care.
  • They contribute to providing the most excellent care possible to achieve a successful conclusion.
  • Individualized care is the philosophy at their Fertility Centre.
  • They offer their patient-specific approach to rest assured that they are receiving the best possible world-class care tailored to their unique needs.
  • Infertility may be a stressful time for couples, and numerous studies show that this harms success.
  • The Repro-IVF Centre is committed to making your experience as painless as possible.
  • Their objective is to give the best level of personalized medical care while maintaining a stress-free environment.
  • Their excellent success rate evidences this in helping couples realize their dream of having a child!
  • Repro-IVF Fertility Centre offers a world-class medical service as well as individualized medical treatment.


Agial’s IVF Lab

  • Agial's IVF Lab is regarded as one of Egypt's and the Middle East's best and most modern centers for treating infertility in couples.
  • They have a team of specialized doctors and technicians, led by Dr. Hisham Saleh, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University. 
  • They have completed hundreds of IVF and artificial insemination procedures in Egypt and abroad.

The lab offers a variety of advanced method services, including:

  • Egg freezing is a process that preserves a woman's eggs to be used in fertilization later. 
    • This is done if you are afraid of losing your ability to create eggs in the future, whether due to a natural aging process or an unintentional loss of fertility due to sickness.
    • Many fertile eggs are retrieved from the wife and frozen to be prepared and fertilized in the future by the husband's sperm.
  • Sperm Freezing is a treatment that involves freezing a man's sperm for later use in conception.
    • This is done if a man's fertility gradually declines and he is afraid of losing his ability to conceive in the future.
    • A considerable number of fertile sperm are collected and kept for fertilization of the wife's eggs later.
  • Microscopical sperm cell double magnification (IMSI) is a technique used in IVF to magnify sperm up to 6000 times under the microscope.
    • This improves the doctor's ability to select the best sperm for fertilization.
    • According to studies, optimizing the sperm selection technique raises the chances of pregnancy success by 35% and decreases failure by 26%.

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