Cost of Radical Hysterectomy(cervical cancer) Treatment in India

Cost of Radical Hysterectomy(cervical cancer) Treatment in India

Cost of package: $5500 $5038

Hospital Name: BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital

Hospital Stay: > 3 Days

Stay in the Country: 15 Days

About Radical Hysterectomy Treatment Procedure


Radical hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to treat cervical cancer. The procedure involves removing the uterus, cervix, upper part of the vagina, and surrounding tissues, including lymph nodes. The goal of the surgery is to remove all cancerous tissue and prevent the cancer from spreading. There are three main approaches to performing a radical hysterectomy: open abdominal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery.

Open abdominal surgery is the traditional approach and involves making a large incision in the abdomen. The surgeon then removes the necessary organs and tissues. This approach can be more invasive and require a longer recovery time. Laparoscopic surgery involves making several small incisions in the abdomen and using a laparoscope (a thin, lighted tube with a camera) and other surgical instruments to remove the necessary organs and tissues. This approach is less invasive and may result in a shorter recovery time.

Robotic surgery is similar to laparoscopic surgery, but the surgeon controls robotic arms that hold the surgical instruments. This approach can offer greater precision and control for the surgeon. Before the surgery, the patient will undergo a thorough evaluation, which may include imaging tests, such as MRI or CT scans, and blood tests. The patient may also need to undergo a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

During the surgery, the patient will be under general anesthesia, and the surgeon will make the necessary incisions. The surgeon will then remove the uterus, cervix, upper part of the vagina, and surrounding tissues, including lymph nodes. The surgeon may also remove other organs or tissues if the cancer has spread.

After the surgery, the patient will be monitored in the hospital for a few days to manage pain and any complications. The patient may need to wear a catheter for a short time to help with urine drainage. The patient may also need to take pain medications and receive fluids and nutrition through an IV. Recovery time varies depending on the extent of the surgery and the patient's overall health. The patient may need to avoid strenuous activity and sexual intercourse for several weeks to allow the body to heal fully.

Radical hysterectomy can be an effective treatment for cervical cancer, but it is a major surgical procedure that can have risks and complications. It is important to discuss the potential benefits and risks of the surgery with a healthcare provider and to follow all post-operative instructions for a successful recovery.

Estimated cost

The estimated cost for the procedure is 5038 USD in India.

Total Stay in Hospital – 3 days

Total Stay in the Country – 15 days

I had a radical hysterectomy treatment done at BLK Max Super Speciality hospital recently and I am very satisfied with the outcome. The doctor who treated me was exceptional and showed a lot of kindness towards me. He was also very knowledgeable and took the time to listen to all of my concerns carefully. The entire treatment process went smoothly and I had a positive experience living in India. I would like to express my gratitude to Mespoir for their support and guidance throughout the process.’’ 


  • 3 days of hospitalization for patient
  • Nursing service fee, service fee
  • Physician's expenses (surgeon, assistant surgeon, anaesthesiologist, oncologist)
  • Laboratory tests and radiology related to the procedure (preoperative tests including X-rays, scans, etc. as required)
  • Medical equipment and supplies necessary for the procedure
  • Procedural-related medicines
  • One companion can stay with the patient in the regular room
  • Patient and attendant’s food
  • Complimentary airport pick up and drop (Airport - Hotel - Hospital - Hotel - Airport Transfers)
  • Expenses for any additional hospital stay beyond the indicated days in inclusions
  • Treatments and medications given for previous or non-operational diseases
  • Personal expenses such as telephone, room service, hotel, etc
  • Stay in the country is not included. Apartments near the hospital are available and starts from $30 per day
  • Major pharmacy/Major consumables/Major Investigations
  • High end antibiotics/Antifungal/Immunosuppression medicines
  • If the patient needs medical treatment as inpatient before operation (plasmapheresis, hemofiltration, blood transfusion), the cost of this treatment will be charged additionally.
  • Medications and supplies brought by the patient after discharge
  • The hospital prices set will apply for additional items or services that are not included in the package
  • If the patient has problems and complaints unrelated to his/her radical hysterectomy treatment problem (cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes, blood pressure problems, etc.) and if the patient needs to be consulted by the physicians from other departments, and is requested for some further tests; these all will be charged additionally.

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About the hospital


Located in the central region of Delhi, India, BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital is a well-established healthcare facility that offers a wide range of medical and surgical services covering various specialties such as cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and many more. The hospital is home to a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, who offer individualized care and assistance to patients. Equipped with advanced medical technology and modern amenities, BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital is the preferred choice for patients looking for medical treatment in India. The hospital boasts the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment, including advanced imaging tools, operating rooms, and ICU facilities. In addition, the hospital houses a dedicated research and development center that focuses on developing new treatment protocols and improving patient care.


Frequently Asked Questions

All the tests that are required for radical hysterectomy are included in the cost package. Generally, the patient has to undergo the following preoperative tests before the surgery: 

Pelvic exam: A physical examination of the vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries to detect any abnormalities or signs of cancer.

Pap smear: A screening test to detect cervical cancer or precancerous changes in the cervix.

Ultrasound: An imaging test that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the reproductive organs and detect any abnormalities.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): A noninvasive imaging test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the reproductive organs and surrounding tissues.

Blood tests: Blood tests may be performed to check for anemia, blood type, and general health status.

Electrocardiogram (ECG): A test to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart and detect any heart-related issues.

Chest X-ray: A diagnostic test to assess the lungs and chest cavity for any abnormalities.

Pulmonary function tests: These tests measure lung capacity, airflow, and other lung functions to determine if the patient is fit for anesthesia and surgery.

Urine tests: Urine tests may be done to assess kidney function and check for any urinary tract infections.

Biopsy: A procedure to remove a small sample of tissue from the cervix or uterus to confirm the presence of cancer or precancerous cells.


The rehabilitation process is crucial for achieving the best possible outcome from this surgery. In case you are required to come for follow up sessions and further consultations, the cost of it is not included in the treatment package and you have to pay an extra amount for the same. Patients may need to take medications such as pain relievers, antibiotics, and other medications to manage their symptoms and prevent complications which isn’t included in the package. In case, a revision surgery is required due to any reason, that cost is also not included and you have to bear the extra cost.


The most affordable and reasonable radical hysterectomy treatment cost in India can be found in New Delhi. Not just pocket friendly, a person can receive the best radical hysterectomy treatment from the best hospitals in New Delhi, India. However, there are several other hospitals in India as well that have come up with the cost-effective radical hysterectomy treatment cost to the patients and have high quality of care and success rates.


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