Best Hip Replacement Doctors in Turkey | Orthopedics in Turkey

Best Hip Replacement Orthopedics Doctors , Turkey

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Sami Sokucu

Dr. Sami Sokucu

Istanbul, Turkey

Specialization - Orthopedics

  • Prof. Sami Sokucu is a renowned orthopedist and traumatologist who has been practicing in Istanbul for many years. 
  • He is currently based at Medical Park Florya Hospital, where he heads the orthopedics and traumatology department and provides specialist care to patients with musculoskeletal problems.
  • He graduated from the Faculty...

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Serdar Zengin

Dr. Serdar Zengin

Istanbul, Turkey

Specialization - Orthopedics

  • Dr. Serdar Zengin currently works as an Orthopedic and Traumatologist at ACIBADEM HOSPITALS GROUP, Turkey.
  • Dr. Serdar Zengin has great experience of 15+ years in the field of Orthopedics.
  • He is a great doctor whose treatment has done wonders for countless patients. 
  • He diagnoses the problem fast and provides the best treatment possible. He has worke...

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Ass. Prof. Tuna Pehlivanoglu

Dr. Ass. Prof. Tuna Pehlivanoglu

Istanbul, Turkey

Specialization - Orthopedics Spine Surgery

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Tuna Pehlivanoglu works as an orthopedic surgeon at Liv Hospital, Ulus, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • He embodies the qualities of devotion and expertise, making him an exceptional physician who prioritizes the well-being of his patients and treats them with utmost regard. 
  • Associate Professor Dr. Tuna Pehlivanoğlu stands out as a rare specialist in Turkey,...

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Frequently asked questions

The Orthopedics department of Istanbul's Hacettepe University has released a statement claiming that it is safe to fly after having orthopedic treatment in Turkey. While there have not been any reports of accidents or injuries related to flying after orthopedic treatment, it is always best to consult with a doctor before traveling. In general, it is safe to fly after having Orthopedics treatment as long as you are informed of the risks and take precautions.


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