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Saudi German Hospital in Egypt

Saudi German Hospital in Egypt

About the hospital

  • It is one of the largest multi-specialty Hospitals in the middle-east and North Africa.
  • It works on the ideology that an institute in health service must run based on innovations and research.
  • It works in coordination with other major healthcare organizations as well.
  • The best thing about the hospital is the commitment it has shown since its establishment in the year 1988.
  • The visionary engineer Sobhi Batterjee and Dr Khalid Batterjee set a milestone in the service of humanity.
  • Their commitment to different areas of health research and advancements is expected to continue in the future. 

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Special features and facilities of Saudi German Hospital

  • The facilities being provided by the Saudi German Hospital are world-class and are ever-ready to compete with any other Hospital of international repute.
  • More than eight thousand doctors, the most talented ones specialized in different branches of the medical profession, are working day and night to better their patients. 
  • The Hospital is always eager to transform healthcare technologies.
  • For these reasons their advanced German tools and expertise is evidence of this fact. 
  • Moreover, this attitude of the Saudi German Hospitals has attracted doctors of international reputation to work with them. 
  • It has already partnered with 60 universities and colleges worldwide, including Batterjee Medical College in Jeddah.
  • The Saudi German Academy has trained thousands of medical students, undergraduates, and interns every year, preparing the future medical professionals for the group and industry. 
  • The Saudi German Hospital comprises numerous multi-specialty infrastructures in different regions of middle-east countries.
  • They have been operating with 2700 beds and movement of approximately 2 million patients every year.
  • So far, it has 11 hospitals providing world-class healthcare services in 4 countries. The number is increasing day by day, though. 
  • Even though they are the premier institute in the health sector, Saudi German Hospital and group have been focusing on a medical professional's educational aspect.
  • It has promoted itself in the field of research, and this flexibility of learning and treatment has added a new dimension to its record. 

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Various Departments of Saudi German Hospital

Now let us provide an overview of the different specialized departments of medical expertise and proficiency. 


  • The specially-trained anesthesiologists of Saudi German Hospital offer world-leading expertise in treating high-risk patients undergoing operations.
  • They have set the benchmark for effective, safe, and high-quality services in the specified field. 


  • Saudi German Hospital comprises a world-class team of cardiologists.
  • Proper diagnosing techniques and state-of-the-art technologies have helped professionals treat the full spectrum of heart ailments in adults and children. 

Cardiothoracic Surgery 

  • They have highly specialized Cardiothoracic Surgeons at Saudi German Hospital.
  • The team works closely with cardiologists to assess and provide adults and children with heart, lung, and thoracic complications.
  • By focusing on maintaining the quality of life through therapeutic in-patient and outpatient methods, the team is able to provide comprehensive solutions for a variety of heart diseases. 

Apart from the department mentioned above, there are hardly any specialized branches that it does not house. In today's world, where humanity is facing newer challenges of health hazards and pandemic situations such as Covid-19, it becomes essential to have a Hospital of Saudi German Hospital reputation, especially in the middle region's region. 

Facilities for international patients 

  • Exceptional healthcare does not only mean treatment of the disease but also changing the lives of family members and the patient.
  • Saudi German Hospital has set a benchmark in establishing the family doctor relationship. 
  • Patients from different regions apart from the middle-east have experienced the uniqueness of the hospitable environment, where a person concerned is not seen as a patient but as a member of humanity. 
  • The Hospital's International Medical Tourism Departments have been providing a very high standard of quality treatment for patients seeking medical help outside their home country.
  • The homely personalized services with a dedicated team of internationally trained and board-certified medical experts are evident of how Saudi German Hospital has been growing. 
  • The Hospital also provides a financial support scheme in the form of affordable financial loans to treat various threatening medical conditions.
  • The suffering family has the option now to pay medical fees in installments. One such scheme is known as Tas'heel Finance. 

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Why should one opt for Saudi German Hospital?

  • As discussed earlier, the features of the Hospital are a true class and set a benchmark in the healthcare sector.
  • The benefits of visiting the Saudi German Hospital are many. One must never compromise with health to avail the better fate of health. 
  • For more than three decades, Saudi German Hospitals have provided world-class healthcare services to their patients and their loved ones.
  • They treat their international patients equally well as their domestic counterparts. 

Treatments at affordable costs 

  • Let's visit different hospitals for different medical treatments.
  • We spend a huge amount of money at every hospital we visit while updating every doctor for the treatment is also a daunting task.
  • But if we visit a hospital that provides specialist treatments for all medical conditions at the same place, we won't have to visit any other hospital again.
  • And since a patient is linked and centralized in a multispecialty facility, all doctors will be aware of those particular ongoing treatments and conditions.
  • A coordinated system of treatment is developed to give the concerned person the best possible treatments. 

Insurance Facilities 

  • One single-specialty hospital can collaborate with insurance companies. But it cannot cover all their treatments.
  • Since that isn't the case with multispecialty hospitals, they tend to work with numerous insurance companies that cover their varied medical treatments individually.
  • Hence, the chances of one's insurance company being a part of a multispecialty hospital will be greater, ensuring one always gets insured treatment for any medical condition. 

A complete knowledge bank

  • One of the important aspects of Saudi German Hospitals is their support and guidance mechanism.
  • They not only look after the concerned patient but also keep a watchful eye on the growth and progress of the patient. 
  • Another important aspect is that if one goes through the websites of Saudi German Hospital, one can easily find a huge amount of informative and essential medical awareness in the form of blogs.
  • It is very much recommended that one visit the hospital's website and read those blogs even if there is no connection with the hospital. 

Remarkable milestones

  • Saudi German Hospital has been a part of some remarkable medical achievements during its journey since 1988.
  • Saudi German Hospital in Riyadh rescues an arm from amputation. 
  • "Saudi German Hospital" campaign on World Blood Donation Day.
  • A prosthetic knee Joint restores hope once again!
  • SGH Aseer offered life-saving treatment to a patient suffering from a ventricular septal defect.
  • SGH Aseer successfully treated a patient with a shoulder tumor and many more.

To read these stories in detail, do visit the hospital's website.

  • Above laurels and affiliations are enough to prove the high standards and excellence which is being maintained by the Saudi German Hospitals in Egypt.

Awards and affiliations

  • Due to the Saudi German Hospital's reputation, they were able to bring in leading physicians and surgeons from western countries to their services through their International visiting professor programs.
  • Now, this idea of attracting professionals from all over the world has helped the group immensely, especially the patients. 
  • Another milestone the Saudi German Hospital achieved was joining the Mayo Clinic care Network in 2019.
  • This network worked based on the principle of specific knowledge and treatment very effectively. 

Working Principle of Saudi German Hospital

  • Finally, we can conclude that Saudi German Hospitals have a clean and clear Objective of treating the patients by providing comprehensive care to patients.
  • By effectively treating the patients and returning them to the community.
  • By educating the community, increasing awareness about the virus, and facilitating early detection and prevention of long-term health complications. 
  • It is highly recommended to everyone to visit a multispecialty hospital as their benefits are a lot more.
  • The Saudi German Hospital has done a great service to humanity and continues to do so.
  • It was born as a savior in the region of the middle-east world.
  • It is expected that it looks over all the sections of society.
  • No one must be left out, for the right of equal medical care belongs to everybody. 
  • The Saudi German Academy has been conducting hundreds of workshops, seminars, and conferences for medical professionals each year on a wide group of technical and public health topics.
  • In the last decade, they have been providing approximately 20,000 healthcare professionals with the required training and knowledge in close collaboration with famous medical organizations from all over the world. Some of them are the Saudi Heart Association, the American Heart Association, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Pediatrics Society. 

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  • The healthcare industry has been ever-evolving under the changing needs and scenarios of our times.
  • Just as the medical treatments have changed, the systems and techniques of providing healthcare services have also transformed, or rather, modernized remarkably.
  • From telehealth services to easy Mediclaims, digital technology has paved the way for endless patient-oriented services in the healthcare system.
  • It has also helped hospitals optimize their management and patient care processes. 
  • But the most relevant change in the way healthcare services such as Saudi German Hospital has been provided after the emergence of Multispecialty Hospitals is remarkable.
  • Normally, traditional Hospitals have always had a single specialty with some sub-categorized treatments related to that specialty as their only services, with doctors and staff for the same. 
  • The biggest medical crisis of the 21st century arrived with the sedentary style of work and entertainment, which led to an exponential rise in the number of patients suffering from lifestyle diseases. 
  • The Saudi German Hospital was a boon in this regard. Human lives were always an important aspect of the medical industry, and diseases of the heart, bones, teeth, eyes, etc., are primarily caused due to the way one works and eats.
  • Instead of moving from one doctor to another, multispecialty facilities will get us a comprehensive treatment solution where all our lifestyle diseases will be treated simultaneously.
  • The Saudi German Hospital of Egypt has established a new model for medical treatment and care in Egypt and its neighbours, based on the premise that every minute counts and that all patients deserve the greatest health care facilities available.
  • This belief is backed by the well-known Egyptian expertise and International best practices in the medical field.
  • The Saudi German Hospitals are aiming at delivering a new health care paradigm to their beloved country and the whole MENA region.
  • From multi-health divisions to a fully automated system and a high level of professional practices with world-class infrastructure.
  • The team is highly dedicated and caring, with the maximum degrees of human dignity as their core system of belief.
  • Finally, the purpose and the vision of Saudi German Hospital has clearly met their objectives, as discussed earlier.
  • Their core values are at the center of everything they do as they strive to provide world-class medical care to patients worldwide.
  • The Saudi German Hospital is committed to creating a strong foundation for the dynamic and resilient team through its eight fundamental values. But newer challenges are going to creep up time and again.

Connect with us at Mespoir and start your healthcare journey at Saudi German Hospital. For more information, contact at: or +91 8882202803

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