Global Hospital Parel

Global Hospital Parel

Mumbai, India

About Hospital 

  • The Global Hospital Mumbai is a tertiary care hospital that offers comprehensive medical services to patients from all over the world. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who are able to provide treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Some of the specialties offered by the hospital include cardiology, oncology, nephrology, and neurology. 
  • The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which allow it to provide patients with advanced treatments and procedures. The hospital also has a 24-hour emergency department which is staffed
  • by experienced nurses and doctors who are capable of handling any type of emergency. 
  • The Global Hospital Mumbai is one of the leading hospitals in India and attracts patients from all over the world. The hospital offers high quality medical care at an affordable price and is committed to providing its patients with the best possible treatment. 


  • The Global Hospital in Mumbai is a world-renowned center for medical treatment and research. Recently, it has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most respected authority on hospital quality. This accreditation is a testament to the high standards of care that The Global Hospital provides to its patients. 
  • The JCI accreditation process is rigorous, and only the best hospitals are awarded this distinction. The Global Hospital is one of only six hospitals in India to receive JCI accreditation. This accolade recognizes the hospital’s commitment to providing excellent care to its patients. 
  • The Global Hospital has long been known for its outstanding medical services, it is one of the best hospitals in India. With this new accreditation, it can now claim to be one of the best hospitals in the world. Patients who choose The Global Hospital can be assured that they are receiving care of the highest quality. 


  • The Global Hospital in Mumbai is a world-renowned hospital for its specialties and treatments. The hospital offers state-of-the-art medical care for patients from around the world and has been recognized for its excellence in cancer care, cardiac surgery, and other specialties. The hospital's team of highly skilled physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing quality care to every patient who walks through its doors. 


  • The Global hospital is located in Mumbai, India. The hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that offers comprehensive care to its patients. The hospital has a team of specialists who are dedicated to providing high-quality care to the patients. The hospital also has a state-of-the-art infrastructure which helps in providing world-class care to the patients. 


  • The Global Hospital in Mumbai is a top-notch medical facility that offers world-class treatment to its patients. The hospital has a total number of 300 beds, and the staff consists of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients. The hospital's infrastructure is state-of-the-art, and it features the latest technology and equipment. Patients can be assured that they will receive the highest level of care at The Global Hospital in Mumbai. 


  • The Global Hospital in Mumbai is the best hospital in the city, and one of the best hospitals in the world. It has been ranked #1 by The Times of India, and it is considered to be one of the most advanced hospitals in India. The hospital has a state-of-the-art facility, and it offers a wide range of medical services. The hospital is also known for its excellent patient care.
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Reviews on Global Hospital Parel

Rashed Khalifa

''My recent journey to recovery at Global Hospital in Parel, Mumbai, has left an indelible mark on my heart. From the very beginning, it was evident that this hospital's commitment to patient well-being goes beyond medical treatment – it's about holistic healing and genuine care. The medical care I received at Global Hospital was second to none. The team of doctors, led by my brilliant attending physician, demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise.''


''I visited Global Hospital recently and had good experience. I want to mention that the nursing staff at Global Hospital deserves special recognition for their unwavering dedication. Their kindness, compassion, and unwavering attention made my stay truly comfortable. They diligently attended to my needs, ensuring that I was comfortable physically and emotionally throughout my time there. They not only diagnosed my condition accurately but also took the time to discuss all possible treatment options with me, considering my preferences and concerns. This personalized approach to healthcare was incredibly reassuring.''

Hessa Abdulkarim

''The infrastructure and facilities at Global Hospital are truly world-class. The hospital boasts cutting-edge technology and modern amenities, all contributing to an environment that promotes healing. The cleanliness and hygiene standards are impeccable, which is crucial in a healthcare setting. What truly sets Global Hospital apart is their focus on patient empowerment. They provided me with educational materials and engaged me in discussions about my treatment plan, encouraging me to actively participate in my recovery journey.''

Neelkanth Dhamnaskar

Dr. Neelkanth Dhamnaskar

Doctor - Orthopedics

Mumbai, India

24 Years of experience

Piyush Gujarathi

Dr. Piyush Gujarathi

Doctor - Ear Nose and Throat ENT

Mumbai, India

9 Years of experience

Uday M Pawar

Dr. Uday M Pawar

Doctor - Spine Surgery

Mumbai, India

16 Years of experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Hospital in Mumbai, also known as Global Hospital and Research Institute, is a well-known healthcare facility located in Parel, Mumbai, India. It is part of the Gleneagles Global Hospitals network, which operates multiple hospitals across India. Global Hospital, Mumbai is renowned for its advanced medical services and specializes in various fields of healthcare. It is particularly recognized for its expertise in the following areas: Organ Transplantation: Global Hospital, Mumbai is known for its successful organ transplantation programs, including liver, kidney, heart, and lung transplants. It has a dedicated team of experienced transplant surgeons and a state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting these complex procedures. Oncology (Cancer Treatment): The hospital has a comprehensive cancer care center that offers advanced diagnostic techniques, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical interventions for various types of cancer. It also focuses on personalized treatment plans and supportive care for cancer patients. Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery: Global Hospital, Mumbai has a specialized cardiac care unit equipped with the latest technology for diagnosing and treating heart-related conditions. It provides services such as angiography, angioplasty, bypass surgery, and other cardiac interventions. Orthopedics and Joint Replacement: The hospital has a dedicated department for orthopedic care, including joint replacement surgeries, spine surgeries, trauma management, and sports medicine. The team of orthopedic surgeons at Global Hospital is known for their expertise in managing complex orthopedic conditions. Neurology and Neurosurgery: Global Hospital, Mumbai offers comprehensive neurology and neurosurgery services, including the treatment of stroke, brain tumors, spinal disorders, and other neurological conditions. It has a specialized neurointensive care unit and advanced neuroimaging facilities.
In India, there are several cities known for having prestigious hospitals with advanced medical facilities and renowned healthcare services. While it is subjective to determine the "best" hospital in India as it depends on various factors, some cities are often recognized for their exceptional healthcare infrastructure. Here are a few cities known for having some of the best hospitals in India: Delhi: The capital city is home to renowned hospitals like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, known for their advanced medical treatments and research facilities. Mumbai: Mumbai is known for its top-tier hospitals, including Global Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, and P.D. Hinduja National Hospital. These hospitals are recognized for their expertise in various medical specialties and high-quality healthcare. Chennai: Chennai has a reputation for excellent healthcare institutions, such as Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Malar Hospital, and MIOT International Hospital. These hospitals are known for their expertise in specialties like cardiac care, organ transplantation, and orthopedics. Bangalore: The city is home to renowned hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Narayana Health, Apollo Hospital, and Fortis Hospital. These hospitals are known for their advanced healthcare services, specialized treatments, and medical expertise. Hyderabad: Hyderabad boasts prominent hospitals such as Apollo Hospitals, Yashoda Hospitals, and Continental Hospitals, known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure and specialized medical services.
The ranking or designation of the "number one" hospital can vary depending on different criteria, such as specialties, medical expertise, infrastructure, research facilities, patient outcomes, and public perception. However, several hospitals in India are renowned for their excellence in healthcare and are often considered among the top healthcare institutions in the country. These include: BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi: BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi is a prestigious medical institution known for its comprehensive healthcare services, advanced research, and highly skilled medical professionals. It is considered one of the premier medical institutes in India. Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore: CMC is a highly respected medical institution known for its quality healthcare, medical education, and research. It offers a wide range of medical services and is recognized for its expertise in various specialties. Global Hospital, Mumbai: Global Hospital is a renowned cancer treatment and research center. It specializes in providing comprehensive cancer care and is considered one of the leading cancer hospitals in India. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai: Apollo Hospitals is a prominent healthcare chain in India with hospitals across multiple cities. The flagship hospital in Chennai is known for its advanced medical treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and world-class healthcare services. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi: Fortis Escorts Heart Institute is a leading cardiac care center in India. It is known for its expertise in heart-related treatments, advanced cardiac surgeries, and comprehensive cardiac care.
Global Hospital, with its multiple locations across India, including Mumbai, is generally considered a reputable healthcare institution. It is part of the Gleneagles Global Hospitals network, which is known for its specialized medical services and advanced treatments. However, the quality of treatment can vary depending on various factors, such as the specific medical condition, the expertise of the medical professionals involved, and the individual patient's experience. Global Hospital has gained recognition for its expertise in organ transplantation, oncology (cancer treatment), cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, and other specialized medical fields. The hospital is equipped with modern infrastructure, advanced technology, and a team of experienced doctors, surgeons, and medical staff. To assess the suitability of Global Hospital for your specific treatment needs, it is recommended to research further about the specific department, specialists, and services related to your medical condition.
Global Hospital, Parel, is part of the Gleneagles Global Hospitals network and is known for providing advanced medical services. It is important to note that hospitals within the network typically prioritize modern infrastructure and advanced medical technology to support their healthcare services. Global Hospital, Parel, is located in the Parel neighborhood of Mumbai, which is known for its medical facilities and has several renowned hospitals in the vicinity.


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