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Malaysia is home to several accomplished endocrinology doctors who specialize in the treatment of hormonal and metabolic disorders. The status and rankings of doctors can change over time. Here are some of the highly regarded endocrinology doctors in Malaysia:

  • Dr. Zanariah Hussein: Dr. Zanariah is a respected endocrinologist known for her expertise in diabetes and thyroid disorders. She has contributed to medical research and has been involved in educating both medical professionals and the public about endocrine conditions.
  • Dr. Loh Su Peng: Dr. Loh is a prominent endocrinologist with extensive experience in managing diabetes, thyroid disorders, and other endocrine conditions. She is known for her patient-centered approach and holistic care.
  • Dr. Chee Kok Han: Dr. Chee is known for his expertise in endocrinology and diabetes management. He has been actively involved in diabetes research and has contributed to advancing the understanding of diabetes care.
  • Dr. Ng Lai Hong: Dr. Ng is an accomplished endocrinologist with a focus on diabetes and metabolic disorders. She has been involved in medical education and research to improve patient care.
  • Dr. Helmy Hazmi: Dr. Helmy is known for his expertise in thyroid disorders and endocrine conditions. He has a strong commitment to patient care and has been recognized for his contributions to the field.
  • Dr. Raja Affendi Raja Ali: Dr. Raja Affendi specializes in endocrine and metabolic disorders. He is involved in research and medical education, contributing to the advancement of endocrinology knowledge in Malaysia.
  • Dr. Loke Meng Oon: Dr. Loke is an experienced endocrinologist who focuses on diabetes management and endocrine disorders. He has been actively involved in medical societies and education.
  • Dr. Tee E Siong: Dr. Tee is known for his expertise in endocrinology, particularly in thyroid and hormonal disorders. He has a patient-oriented approach to care and has contributed to medical research.
  • Dr. Lim Chin Hooi: Dr. Lim specializes in endocrinology and diabetes care. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized treatment plans for his patients.
  • Dr. Lim Yen Leng: Dr. Lim is an accomplished endocrinologist who has contributed to the understanding and management of endocrine disorders. She is known for her compassionate care and commitment to patient education.

When seeking the best endocrinology doctor in Malaysia, consider factors such as their reputation, experience, patient reviews, affiliations with reputable medical institutions, and their contributions to medical research and education. It's also advisable to consult with your primary care physician or seek recommendations from trusted medical sources to make an informed decision.

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