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Pediatric cardiology plays a vital role in diagnosing and treating heart conditions in children. When it comes to the health of our little ones, it is crucial to seek the expertise of the best doctors in the field. In Tunisia, there are renowned pediatric cardiology doctors who have made significant contributions to the field and are dedicated to providing exceptional care for young hearts. In this article, we will explore some of the best pediatric cardiology doctors in Tunisia, highlighting their achievements, expertise, and commitment to improving the lives of children with cardiac conditions.

Dr. Aymen Mekki:

Dr. Aymen Mekki is a highly esteemed pediatric cardiologist in Tunisia. With extensive experience and a strong academic background, Dr. Mekki is recognized for his expertise in diagnosing and treating congenital heart diseases in children. He specializes in cardiac imaging techniques, including echocardiography and fetal echocardiography, which enable accurate diagnosis and monitoring of heart conditions in pediatric patients. Dr. Mekki's dedication to patient care, coupled with his involvement in research and teaching, makes him a trusted name in the field of pediatric cardiology.

Dr. Youssef Mechmeche:

Dr. Youssef Mechmeche is another prominent figure in pediatric cardiology in Tunisia. He possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and managing various cardiac conditions in children. Dr. Mechmeche specializes in interventional cardiology procedures, such as cardiac catheterization and balloon angioplasty, which allow for minimally invasive treatment options for young patients. His compassionate approach, coupled with his exceptional technical skills, has earned him a reputation as one of the leading pediatric cardiology doctors in Tunisia.

Dr. Saber Hammami:

Dr. Saber Hammami is a highly skilled pediatric cardiologist known for his dedication to improving the lives of children with heart diseases in Tunisia. With his profound knowledge in cardiac electrophysiology, Dr. Hammami focuses on diagnosing and managing heart rhythm disorders in pediatric patients. He has extensive experience in performing electrophysiological studies and catheter ablation procedures, providing effective treatment options for children with arrhythmias. Dr. Hammami's commitment to innovation and his patient-centered care approach make him a respected pediatric cardiology specialist.

Dr. Hajer Kraiem:

Dr. Hajer Kraiem is a renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon in Tunisia, specializing in complex congenital heart surgeries. With her exceptional surgical skills and expertise, Dr. Kraiem has successfully performed numerous procedures to correct structural abnormalities in children's hearts. Her dedication to delivering the best surgical outcomes, combined with her compassionate care, has earned her the trust and respect of both patients and their families. Dr. Kraiem's contributions to pediatric cardiac surgery in Tunisia are invaluable, and she continues to make a significant impact in the field.

Dr. Nidhal Khadhar:

Dr. Nidhal Khadhar is a highly regarded pediatric cardiologist with extensive experience in diagnosing and managing pediatric heart diseases. His expertise lies in echocardiography, including fetal echocardiography, enabling early detection and comprehensive assessment of heart conditions in children. Dr. Khadhar's commitment to providing personalized care and his continuous involvement in research and academic activities have established him as a leading expert in pediatric cardiology in Tunisia.


The leading pediatric cardiology doctors in Tunisia are dedicated to providing exceptional care for children with cardiac conditions. Their expertise, experience, and commitment to advancing the field have made them trusted champions for children's heart health. Through their diagnostic skills, innovative treatments, and compassionate care, these doctors have significantly improved the lives of countless children and their families

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